Darlings, our prayers have been answered! The god of fashion (you know she exists) has smiled upon us and brought into being jeans that lift, lift, lift your bum – no lunges necessary! I know it might sound like I am making this up but I promise it's real! So who is behind all this awesomeness? The Italians of course! Italian brand Freddy encompasses everything that is fabulous about Italian fashion, and now they have come up with an innovative and fabulous new product offer specially f...

Jeans That Lift Your Bum – Yes Please!

  As you know, Joburg's Darling is usually all about discovering the very best of Joburg but a little while ago I let you know that every now and then I would be bringing you some must-tries that are within driving distance of Joburg and well worth the drive. You know, just to encourage you to expl... Why You Need to Book a Spot on The Swartkrans Tour Now!    

  If there’s one thing I hate it is spending my hard earned cash on beauty products that don’t work. I love a spoil as much as the next girl but if I’m going to spend my life slathering on lotions and potions then they’d better be do what they say on the packaging. It’... Shop Beauty-Worx for Tried and Tested Products That Really Work!    

  I do quite a few restaurant reviews for this blog and most of them involve me visiting the spot on my own or with a friend or colleague, but every now and then I get to experience a space in a different way and it’s absolutely fabulous! This time around I got to do a restaurant review while... An Intimate Dining Experience at Winehouse    

  If you’ve paid a visit to 4th Avenue Parkhurst recently then you will have noticed quite a few changes in the area – there’s a brand new fashion strip, some great new eateries and even more places to be pampered and preened. One of those fabulous new places is the oh-so-incredib... Be Pampered While You Shop at Africology Parkhurst!    

  By now you might have picked up that I really dig beer - especially craft beer. And, with the local craft beer scene growing more and more every day what’s not to love? There are a huge variety of beers being made out there, so much so that now there really is something for everyone –... Red Sky Brewery Introduces Gluten-Free Beer!    

  The market scene in Joburg has really caught on in the last few years with farmers markets and urban food markets opening all over the city and I really thought I’d seen it all until last Thursday when I was invited to the launch of The Sheds@1Fox which is set to be the big... Joburg’s New and Trendy Urban Market – The Sheds@1Fox