In this vibrant city of lights, love and laughter, there’s really no reason why you should get stuck in the rut of old-fashioned dating – I’m talking about the conventional dinner and movie dates, those madly overdone outdoor picnics and 10 pin bowling sessions. Whether you’re on the threshold of holy matrimony or are just flirting your heart out, maybe it’s time you switched it up with these Top 10 ‘Out of the Box’ Date Ideas!

Top 10 Out Of The Box Date Ideas

  Ok I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m totally obsessed with my Restylane skincare range. I just love that feeling of waking up knowing that I don’t have to do anything else to look beautiful (except, of course, brush my teeth!). Anyway, thanks to Galderma’s... Wake Up With Beautiful Skin Thanks To Restylane    

  How do you ladies feel about colouring your hair? Personally, I’m not a big fan of it … anymore. If I’m being honest – I used to colour my hair all the time. Then one day I realised that I actually like my natural hair colour (anyone out there agree?). That’s perhap... Gloss Up Your Locks At LDR    

  Darlings, our Chief Entertainment Officer, Ryan, is always up for a fine dining experience (you might’ve noticed this by now) … and if that means driving a bit of a distance to have one … well, what’s wrong with a little adventure? Now that Ryan has sampled their new men... Gourmet Gastronomy At Protea Hotel Ranch Resort    

  Darlings, I’ve got amazing news … Crystal Clear in Rosebank is setting the bar in anti-aging with their Black Pearl products. I recently got to experience their 90-minute Gold Facial (yes that’s right &hellip... The Black Pearl Facial Is Worth More Than Gold!    

  Spring is finally here! It’s about time, right? One of my favourite things about this season is all the floral motifs that inevitably come with it. Darlings, it’s time to put all your heavier winter clothing into storage and make room for your wardrobe to bloom with beautiful blouses,... The Six Must-Have Spring Garments    

  Darlings, if you’re a fan of ‘Burn The Floor – Fire in the Ballroom’, you’re in for a treat as a new production of the show has just begun on the Mandela Stage at Joburg Theatre. Heartbeats were raised to the max on opening night as the exceptional Burn The Floor art... Hot Damn! It's Burn The Floor Again