Darlings life is too short to wear boring clothes. Think about it; when you’re 105 and lying on your death bed will you be thinking how happy you are that you went through life wearing nothing but comfy cardigans and grey, lots of grey? The answer is no (if the answer is yes then today’s find probably isn’t for you) because sometimes you need to let your freak flag fly high and have a little bit of fun with your clothes. If you’re the type of gal who likes to make a st...

I’m In Love With These Quirky Tights and Leggings From Kelzies!

  Today’s find is one for the boys and the girls and trust me it’s a goodie! That’s right Darlings I, Joburg’s Darling, have found an ultra cool hair salon that both you and the man in your life (boyfriend, husband, brother, father, best friend) can go together! How often do... Bellezza - a Fancy Pants New Hair Salon You MUST Try!    

  I’m thinking of planning a huge shindig for my birthday next year. It’s going to be the big two-nine so I’m thinking I might as well have one big blow out before I turn thirty and have to start acting like a real adult and stuff. If I don’t manage to bankrupt myself by Feb... Make Your Event Crazy Awesome With Barmotion    

  The festive season seems to start earlier and earlier every year! Seriously, this year I saw people putting up their Christmas trees and decorations as early as the 1st of November and don’t even get me started on the retail stores and the airport who had their Christmas goodies up as early... These Are a Few of My Favourite Things    

  Ok so don’t tell the boyfriend but I have recently fallen in love with a guy named Sam (gasp!) Mr Sam Moosa to be exact. He’s a triple threat of note (literally) and is the undeniable king of popular local triangular treat, the samoosa. Born and bred in South Africa Sam is hell-bent o... Sam Moosa Makes THE Best Samoosas In Joburg!    

  According to my new favourite hair care brand, evo, “Your hair is like a lover; ignore it and it will run off, shag your best friend and be sewing alfalfa seed sprouts into your new leather couch before you’ve had time to take your house keys back.” I have never read a truer sta... evo is THE Coolest Hair Care Brand Ever!    

  As much as I adore living in Joburg there are still things I miss about Cape Town, and one of those things is lazy Sunday afternoon lunches at Beluga. Their Sunday half-price sushi and cocktail special is nothing short of legendary in Cape Town, and sipping on one of their delicious cocktails whi... Thank the Heavens Above, Beluga Has Arrived in Joburg!