Happy Thursday (or what I like to call Friday eve) Darlings! I know I’m annoyingly chipper considering it’s early-ish. You see, deep down I’m actually a morning person. But very deep down. Like the bottom of my cappuccino cup deep. So why my cheery disposition, you ask? Well, because I can’t wait to share one of my all-tim...

For The Love Of Nomination

  As much as I love popping into my local Woolies to pick up a week's worth of groceries, I am becoming more and more aware of th... Fresh Farm Produce From Munching Mongoose    

  Ha! Face wash commercials … don’t think for a second you have me fooled. Nobody actually splashes their face with water like that (my sopping wet bathroom floor is all the proof I need), and if that were my beauty routine, I’d have more spots than a leopard. Being a 20-somethin... Boost Your Skincare Routine With The Clarisonic Aria    

  Boy George once (and rather famously) said; “I would rather have a cup of tea than sex.” While that might be a rather odd thing to say (even for Boy George) he has a point. I mean, tea is pretty much the best thing in the history of ever. However, I do think that if questioned further... The New Chaplon Tea is a Must-try for Tea Lovers!    

  I think it’s about time we gave a massive shout-out to the Swedes. Why, you ask? They brought us ABBA, Alexander Skarsgård (the hottie from True Blood), one of my favourite books of all-time (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and the most elegant, classic timepieces I have ever laid my... Daniel Wellington Stands The Test of Time    

  Nothing can ruin your Friday quite like realising it’s only Wednesday! But cheer up Darlings, when I need a mid-week-pick-me-up I don’t (always) find solace in a bottle of red … all I have to do is go to Mono Online Shop and take in all the quirky, yet sophisti... Mono Online Shop In Black And White    

  I’m at that age when every single time I login to Facebook someone is either nursing a baby bump or cradling their little bundle of joy … and I’m over here like, “Look at my 500 photos of my Labrador.” With this being said, I must admit that when I hold a baby I hav... A (Gorgeous) Nursery In A Box From Pitter Patter Home