You may have realised by now that we have a major ‘go big or go home’ type of attitude on this blog. This approach carries through in all the reviews we do and we strongly believe that if you’re going to do something, then you need to do it in the most fabulous or best way possible. Which is why when Joburg’s Darling sets out into the woods she doesn’t just go camping she goes ‘glamping’ (that’s glam camping for those of you who don’t foll...

Travel: Glamping at Old Mac Daddy’s Trailer Park

  It’s day three of our travel series and today we are going on a true African adventure in the Kruger National Park. Shockingly this was my very first trip to the Kruger and all I can say is that I can’t believe it took me so long to finally make my way there! This was by no means my f... Travel: An African Adventure in the Kruger National Park!    

  It’s day two of our travel series and today we move from the romantic bliss of Gauteng’s Kievits Kroon to an eco-paradise in the Western Cape. And, because love is so glorious I’ve decided to stick with romance and bring you a completely different way to spend quality time with ... Travel: Grootbos Is a Nature-Lover’s Dream Destination!    

  A little while ago I teamed up with Rochelle from to bring you a wedding series and for a whole week you were treated to the some of the best wedding vendors in Joburg. The series was such a hit that we thought we would bring you yet another fabulous series but this time looking a li... Travel: Kievits Kroon Brings The Cape Winelands to Gauteng!    

  A little while ago I featured an organic in-salon tanning product and waxed lyrical about how I was completely blown away by the fact that we no longer had to be subjected to spray tans that took ages to dry and left you smelling like wet bread. And now, just in time for the long awaited arrival ... Get Ready for Spring With TanOrganic!    

  Darlings, did you know that cookies have magical powers? I’m serious: the next time you are having a crappy day, feel a head cold coming or accidently bash your car into a wall simply just eat a cookie and everything will feel right with the world again (scouts honour!) In addition to makin... Doing Your Bit For Charity Has Never Tasted This Good!    

  I am yet to meet a woman who doesn’t love lingerie. In fact a woman not having a serious soft spot for beautiful, well-made lingerie is like a human being not having a constant, unfailing lust for bacon – it’s just not possible. So why then do we ladies compromise on the quality... A Lingerie Lover's Paradise at Barclay and Clegg!