This Joburg’s Darling business has allowed me to meet some really incredible people – the most inspiring for me though are small business owners who are making their dreams happen through hard work, dedication and self-sacrifice. I feel like they should get some sort of award for doing what so many people wish they could do and being successful at it. We should call it the “Hey, You Made it Superstar!” Award because keeping a successful business going is no mean feat! ...

Rejoice - Decadence Cakes Has Arrived!

  Did you know that the average woman consumes an average of nearly two kilograms of lipstick during her lifetime through drinking, eating and kissing? I didn’t! When I read this statistic I threw up in my mouth a little bit because I’m pretty sure the stuff in lipstick is not made to b... Let Nothing Nasty Touch Your Lips!    

  Things are changing in the restaurant business – you can’t go anywhere without hearing the words ‘Banting’, ‘Paleo’, ‘Gluten-free’ or ‘Dairy-free’ being thrown around. There are so many new eating plans going around that I’m sure w... Belle’s Patisserie Launches Amazing New Skinny Menu!    

  What’s the one thing you can’t live without - I mean, besides your significant other and your pet pooch, Mr Bigglesworth? For me that one thing is my Smartphone. To me my phone is so much more than just a phone; it’s my diary, notebook, camera, portable web surfing device and mo... Shop For The Coolest Mobile Accessories at Cellularmall!    

  Today's find isn't so much a find, it's more of an announcement really, because today I am super excited to announce that the world famous and much loved Rekorderlig fruit cider range has finally arrived in South Africa! South Africans who have travelled extensively overseas alre... Rekorderlig’s Fruit Cider Comes to South Africa!    

  After the world's longest internal debate I have finally invested in a tablet – for the longest time I was umming and aahing about whether or not I would use it often enough,  and now that I have one I can't imagine life without it. The only problem with owning a tablet is protecting i... Keep Your Tablet Safe and Snug as a Bug With FLD!    

  Darlings, our prayers have been answered! The god of fashion (you know she exists) has smiled upon us and brought into being jeans that lift, lift, lift your bum – no lunges necessary! I know it might sound like I am making this up but I promise it's real! So who is behind all this awesomen... Jeans That Lift Your Bum – Yes Please!