Beating The Flu This Winter

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Darlings, as healthcare becomes more and more expensive, prevention is the way forward for all of us… and that doubles for winter when the sniffles come knocking. 

Young children and toddlers are more susceptible to colds and flu – mainly because their immune systems have not matured yet. Natural vulnerability to infections, poor nutrition and the ease of virus transmission in a crèche environment explain the higher incidence of respiratory infections in children compared with adults. Vitamin A is important to help maintain the immune system, and many children under the age of five are found to be deficient, which further opens the gate to infection. Foods rich in vitamin A include eggs, liver and full-cream dairy products. Vital has introduced Vital Kids Immune Support, a delicious raspberry-flavoured syrup packed with the immune-support nutrients vitamin A, vitamin D and zinc.

In adults, the challenge with immune support is more complex. Nutrient shortages are exacerbated by poor eating habits, the increased requirements of pressured lifestyles and nutrient depletion due to smoking and the use of medication. Important nutrients to help stave off winter colds and flu are vitamin C and D. Eating guavas and oranges will add concentrated doses of vitamin C to your body. Sunlight plays an important role in the production of vitamin D, so, during the cloudy months, stock up on eggs and tinned oily fish to help you get your recommended daily dose of vitamin D.

 So, dress warm and don’t forget to load up on fresh fruit and veg and pop a supplement every now and then. Let’s keep those noses dry this winter. 


by Shenise

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