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I'm developing a rather interesting habit these days. Every time I want to treat myself or catch up with a girlfriend (or both!), I find myself drawn towards a spa (not that I'm complaining … I love being pampered). Anyway, during one of my more recent adventures through our pretty city, I stumbled upon the exhilarating Life Day Spa in Rosebank.

Now, we all know that a spa session is not as fun alone, right? That's why I dragged my friend CJ along to experience it with me (I think she was more excited than I was). Firstly, Life Day Spa is gorgeous – think tranquil, well-maintained and luxurious … everything a spa should be. After arriving there, getting a tour of the facility and changing into our robes, it was onto our first treatment – in the Flotation Chamber. 

The Flotation Chamber was easily the most unique treatment I have ever experienced ... I've truly never been more relaxed or at peace. The water in the chamber is also body temperature so you never have to feel overwhelmed by the heat or the cold. You basically put a flotation device under your neck and, once the lights go out in the chamber, all you see is the orange flicker of the candles and the twinkling of a bunch of dotted lights above you (sounds magical, right?). Needless to say I’m going back for this one!

After that, we got to experience the Rasul Chamber and a Middle Eastern Mud Ritual … it was a little different but equally as distinctive. You apply an exfoliator as well as mud to your skin (before you freak out, the texture of the mud is smooth and it looked more like chocolate ice cream to me – what can I say, I think about chocolate a lot!). Anyway, the chamber then fills up with steam ... kind of like a sauna. After sweating out all the toxins, you can rinse off all that muddy goodness in the chamber’s amazing shower. 

Finally, we ended off our much-needed spa day with a heavenly Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage. The masseuse made sure to ask if I had any problems with a specific area so she could focus on it. What was really different for me was the heated foot and hand warmers that were put on us after the massage ... it felt so nice to be able to relax with those on! 

As with all spas, there's a great change room complete with showers and lockers. They even have several amenities including body spray, hairdryers and even disposable underwear (should you forget to bring a pair ... we all forget things, after all). Oh, and just so you know, the spa has a coffee bar as well ... so you can grab a quick bite in between treatments – we really enjoyed their rusks and a refreshing cup of tea. All in all, it was a day well spent … I definitely feel another spa day coming on soon!

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by Nicole

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