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296 Main Roadd, Bryanston.

Joburg seems to be going through an ‘active trend’ at the moment, with places like Bounce Inc. and the like opening up left, right and centre. It also looks like the old school craze of roller skating has returned … and we couldn’t be happier! Welcome, Roll Egoli.

From the moment I saw the rink being advertised online, I knew I had to relive my youth and try my hand at skating! I must admit that I was a little worried about falling on my face but I didn’t let that stop me. My boyfriend and I went to the grand opening and we just so happened to be the first people to skate on the smooth, freshly-laid slab of concrete! (Maybe we were a little over eager.)

The skating rink is actually in a big house in Bryanston but don’t worry, you won’t accidentally drive into a stranger’s driveway – the signage outside is pretty eye-catching.  

The entrance doubles as a cafeteria, which is decked out with cute white picnic tables and some drool-worthy ice cream on display (complete with proper waffle cones!). They also serve up pizzas made in their traditional wood fire oven, coffee and plenty more goodies that you’ve got to try out once you’ve worked up an appetite on the rink. 

After we sussed the café out, it was time to get down to it. The entrance to the actual skating area is filled with brand new roller skates, which hang from the ceiling and double as décor! We made our way through the turnstile and, although a bit erratically at first, managed to avoid falling all together – score! (I must admit that it was a bit intimidating when a group of what could only have been pro skaters or roller derby girls arrived and starting going backwards and doing all sorts of tricks!) We took a backseat for a while and marvelled at their skill. 

All in all, we had a great time! It’s always nice to do something a bit different and I can safely say that Roll Egoli is definitely something to put on your Joburg to-do list. Oh … and just a warning to those that want to try this out – learn from my mistake and wear thick socks! (My poor, poor ankle!)

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by Nikki

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7 October 2015 at 01:59 pm
Doug Super unimpressed with this. Tried to take the kids. However we arrived with 1hr20 to go on a 'session'. Were told either wait or pay full price for 40% of the time. Management was very absent when i queued this. Person there told me they couldn't call because no airtime, so used my phone. The person i spoke to had the clear opinion that customers were there for her benefit rather than the other way round, and demanded that i wait there until she got back from running her chores. In all an unpleasant experience. Won't bother to try again.

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