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Darlings, stop whatever you are doing and read this. You absolutely have to know about the new WR.UP® range of Freddy Jeans. You will never go back to boring old average-regular pants ever again.

A month or so ago I was visiting the office and in walked this pretty little lady wearing the most amazing pants that made her bum look like something out of a Janette Jackson music video. It was one of those moments where both your hands grab onto the edge of a table and you yell at the person next to you, "I MUST HAVE THOSE!" Without having to mention it, I cross-examined the lady and learned that Freddy recently opened a store at the Bryanston Shopping Centre... long story short, I now own three pairs of those amazing pants and love all of them more than the rest of my wardrobe combined.

But what makes Freddy so amazing? What makes this brand so hip and so sexy? Science. That's the short of it. Science, indeed. Sophisticated and chic with an innovative twist - patented WR.UP® technology. This technology sets it apart from anything you’ve ever worn before. Thanks to strategic seams and tailoring devices, WR.UP® technology supports and reshapes the hips and buttocks area enhancing them and the thighs in a totally natural way. Because of this, you can spot a pair of Freddy's a mile away, as the bum section just screams at you. It is an authentic, daring and brilliant design. It saddens me to think that for so long we've walked around wearing boring old jeans and boring old leggings and boring old whatever and so forth. But not anymore. Nope. 

Please, do yourself a favour and look at the WR.UP® range. The time when girls didn't share beauty secrets should be laid to rest and that is exactly why I am telling you about Freddy Jeans. Be sure to check out their website and let me know what you think. Also, you can shop online - free delivery with every purchase. yay!

by Shenise

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30 November 2016 at 08:54 am
Nikki I would honestly love to get some but they are out of my price range. :( They really are crazy expensive.

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