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If you’ve been on the verge of doing the whole Vegan Vibe for a little while now, but feel like you need that extra little push to really do it then boy have I got something crazy awesome for you today! I’ve found a vegan eatery so fabulous that taking the step to being vegan will seem like a breeze! With the oh-so-awesome Conscious 108 by your side you can still have all the things you enjoy without harming our furry friends in the process! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good steak as much as the next girl but any diet that still includes delights like ice cream, cheese burgers and cake is alright by me! Vegan, veggie or meat lover – here’s why you simply MUST check out this new Greenside spot post-haste!

I popped into the vegan and vegetarian restaurant for lunch with my colleague Kim a few weeks ago and absolutely adored it. With its dark grey walls, quirky lighting and simple pine wood tables decorated with mini cacti and sunflowers, this minimalist spot is as cool as a cucumber. Diners can grab a seat inside the eatery and soak up the cool vibe or sit outside on the patio and watch the people of Greenside go about their business. But as cool as the decor is, what really grabs your attention at this spot is the chilled and unpretentious vibe. Sure, the food is all Vegan but there are no guilt trips here – just great food and good times.

The bottom line is that whether you are a full time Vegan or just a curious soul you will come to love this spot because the grub is that good! If there’s one place that can dismiss the myth that Vegan food tastes like cardboard then it is Conscious 108! Dig into one of their burgers, wraps or sarmies and chances are you won’t even notice you are eating Vegan food. The lunch and dinner menu is pretty extensive and offers everything from fresh salads to bunny chow, but if something on the menu doesn’t catch your eye then you can also check out the daily specials board which always offers something a little different for lunch, dinner and dessert. I also love that Conscious 108 caters for a range of dietary requirements as well as food intolerances and allergies by offering dairy-free, gluten-free and high protein options.

Kim and I tucked into a bit of a Vegan feast when we were there and got the chance to sample the delicious Mini Mushroom Puff starter (R40), BLCT wrap (a twist on a traditional sarmie with tofu bacon, leafy greens, tomatoes and a delicious non-dairy cheese, topped with slim mayo – R52), Almost Perfect Veggie Burger (Conscious 108 veggie patty served with leafy greens, tomatoes and caramelised onions on a freshly baked bun – R63) and the Conscious ‘Cheese Beef’ Burger (a soy-wheat based ‘beef’ patty, topped with delicious cream non-dairy cheese sauce and served with leafy greens, tomatoes and caramelised onions on a freshly baked bun – R60).

The mushroom puff starter was simply delicious and I loved that each puff was choc-full with mushrooms (a must-try for mushroom lovers). I was super intrigued by the tofu bacon in the BLCT and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was just as crispy as bacon and super yummy. I also love that the BLCT can be served on your choice of fresh whole-wheat bread, freshly baked gluten-free white bread, gluten-free whole wheat bread or in a gluten free wrap. But, the real stars of the show for me were the burgers! Both the ‘Cheese Beef’ burger and the Veggie burger were super delicious and I was amazed at how much the ‘Cheese Beef’ burger tasted just like meat (it’s sorcery I tell you!) The signature Conscious 108 veggie patty is also the most delicious veggie patty I have ever had the pleasure of eating (this coming from a girl who dislikes veggie patties so much that she once threw one over a garden wall just to avoid eating it!)

And then there was dessert. All I can say is wow! If you are lactose intolerant and have been missing ice cream then you simply must pop into Conscious 108 to try their oh-so-incredible home-made dairy-free ice cream. Their ice cream is so good I would take it over actual ice cream any day, and I am now obsessed with their Sticky Toffee Pudding served with vanilla ice cream (R50). I also stole a spoon or five of Kim’s decadent chocolate ice cream and found it to be just as tasty. If ice cream and pudding aren’t your thing then make sure you also check out their freshly baked Vegan baked cakes, croissants, brownies, doughnuts, cupcakes, and snack bars.

Conscious 108 don’t have a liquor license just yet so you are welcome to take your own tipple along for lunch or dinner.

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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