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Most men pay attention to detail these days – and we don’t just mean your new hairdo, or the new shoes in your wardrobe. While some don’t like to admit it, this generation of men are quite metrosexual… and we’re not complaining. That’s why I’m super excited to tell you about Tag Apparel.

My husband is a typical Mediterranean man. While he’s mainly in jeans and a T-shirt (usually branded, of course), he has an eye for fashion – and yes, even if I say so myself, he can be rather stylish at times.

But finding the right clothes for him can be more tiring than chasing our toddler around a playground all day. While I love that he has good taste, and looks for good quality, he can be so indecisive and fussy that I feel mentally and physically exhausted by the time we've left the shops, most of the time, empty-handed!

So when we came across this trendy little store while walking around Oriental Plaza in Fordsburg recently, and he didn’t hesitate to go in, I knew they had to have something different. 

Tag Apparel, which opened in 2012, offers stylish men’s clothing, imported from Turkey, Italy and the UK. They sell smart-casual men’s clothing, including blazers and Chino trousers – and they’re a must-visit for any man wanting to get heads turning (even if it’s just your wife’s).

The owner, Minesh Parmar, is pretty stylish himself, I must say, but what made the store even better was his friendly nature and fantastic service. For the first time I saw my husband wanting to try on a number of items and Minesh was more than happy to help.

I’m so used to spending hours walking through shopping centres with him, trying to find just one item that makes him happy, so watching him shop away was quite amusing. 

Many famous faces shop here too. From local soccer stars, to Mr South Africa, Armand du Plessis, and Mr Teen South Africa, Roan Gonsalves; it’s clearly the place to be if you want to keep up with the trends, gentlemen. 

Of course we left with a few packets… and my husband is already eager to go back. So if you’re looking for a place to add some great items to your wardrobe, we suggest you pay them a visit ASAP!

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by Angela

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22 July 2016 at 11:07 am
Amanda Thank you, Tag Apparel for the stunning outfit for Roan. We will be sure to pop in again. Thank you Mr Jnr Teen South Africa

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