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Spring is officially here, and we all know what that means… it’s time to dig our sandals out from their hiding places and free our toes! It’s one of the things I look forward to the most, but if you’re anything like me, prettified toes are a MUST when stepping out in opened-toed shoes. So, to get myself mani-pedi ready for spring, I got to experiment with two DIY nail staples that you need to check out yourselves!

Morgan Taylor’s Street Beat Summer 2016 Range 

Nothing screams spring more than flamboyant nails! So, if you’re looking for vibrant nail varnishes that will give your nails that pop of colour, make sure you check out Morgan Taylor’s Street Beat Summer 2016 range.

The collection comes in six beautiful colours – Cou-Tour The Streets, B-Girl Style, Hip Hop Coral, Tag You’re It, Street Cred-Ible, and Give Me A Break-Dance. I absolutely adore B-Girl Style, a lovely pastel pink. Two coats and I’m ready to rock my slops and peep toe heels. I loved the colour so much that I also painted my fingernails to match! And best of all, you can create some funky abstract nail art to add that WOW element to your digits. These are definite must-haves to add to your collection. 

If you’re looking to get your hands on this collection, the Street Beat range will be available from 1 September, and cost around R138. 

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Tweexy Makes Nail Painting Easier

Have you ever noticed how much of mission it is to paint your nails without spilling the varnish all over the place? I don’t know how many times I’ve placed a nail varnish bottle on the arm of my couch or between my knees to keep it steady while I paint, only to end up having it fall over and spill a glittery liquid everywhere. The struggle is real ladies, which is why I need to tell you about this nifty little staple that you need to add to your DIY mani-pedi kit… the Tweexy. 

Painting your nails has never been easier! No more hunting down a flat surface, no more spills, and no more reaching over to dip the brush back into the bottle – this varnish bottle holder is your new best friend when it comes to manis and pedis. Made from 100% silicone, the Tweexy is flexible and soft, making it just the tool to securely hold your bottle while you do your nails. All you have to do is slip your fingers into the grips (which comfortably fits any sized fingers), pop your bottle into the holder, and off you go!

The Tweexy holds every standard sized nail polish bottle on the market. I’ll admit, I had a little issue getting my Morgan Taylor bottle to stay put, but after a little manoeuvring I got it right. So, whether you need do your nails on-the-go, or just want to save yourself the hassle of cleaning up difficult varnish spills, Tweexy is a practical, simple yet ingenious solution. 

You can get your own Tweexy for R225 in your choice of colour: Bonbon Pink, Spa Green, or Sapphire Night.

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by Kim

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