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Gleneagles Road; Greenside; Johannesburg.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the whole crowded bar scene, but I simply can’t say no to a good cocktail (let alone a brilliant one) so, after much persuasion by many satisfied friends, I decided to check out The Office. This is such a great place to blow off steam after a long day at work with its condensed club feel, awesome tapas and mind-blowingly good cocktails!

Here are some of the mixological highlights:

  • Their ultra refreshing Tequila Mojito
  • Cotton Candy Margarita (made with Absolut Vanilla and actual candy floss!)
  • Death by Chocolate really does live up to its name. Think chocolate milk with an alcohol and chilli kick.
  • My personal favourite, The Office Gingerbread Mule, tastes eerily like a fresh gingerbread man.
  • Basil Grande is a fascinating concoction that will amaze you with its odd combination of basil, strawberries and pepper.

If you are the designated driver (do make sure that there is one), fear not, there are also six different mocktails and as a bit of a lightweight, I can attest to their yumminess!

They have an outside area for those who wish to escape the madding crowds, a main area with the bar and seating and The Boardroom, a smokers’ section.

So, get all the girls after work, pick a designated driver (or call a taxi) and get there early! I wouldn’t recommend going on a Thursday, however, as often it is just too busy to enjoy. Tuesday and Wednesday are great because it’s quieter and they have two-for-one cocktail specials!

by Sarah

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