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I get it. Nothing can cheer you up quite like a little bit of pampering, especially after one hellishly long week labouring over the laptop, working your fingers (quite literally) to the bone. It gets worse … you catch your reflection in a mirror, only to realize there’s a reason they’re called eyebrows  - as in plural - because you should have two of them. That’s when you know it’s time to dash to Polish Nail Spa in Parkwood. Ahhh … love is in the air. No wait - it’s just the smell of nail polish.  Same same … but the latter comes in the most gorgeous colours in the new Crisnail range which I can’t wait to tell you about.
Anyone who checked out my nails two weeks ago would have raised a brow at my chipped polish. Hey … I’m putting it down to all the dishes I wash - that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. On the hush, I’ve seen five-year-olds do a better paint job on their chubby fingers than I can and if you ask me, nail polishes just aren’t meant to last longer than a couple of days. Until now, that is. It’s been two full weeks since I popped into Polish to try Crisnail – the new professional nail polishes all the way from Spain. The results are in and it turns out that Antonio Banderas isn’t the country’s hottest export anymore. But the true test was in how well my pedi polish lasted - as a marathon runner my feet take a pounding. I’m thrilled to report that I’ve still got a perfect set of 20 (if you include my fingers that is).  They are still sparkling and there’s not a chip in sight. If this isn’t a testament to Crisnail’s excellence and the skilled ladies, Kholiwe and Norma, who did my mani and pedi, I don’t know what is. The toughest part about this experience was deciding on one of the hot colours in this range … oh the choices. While you’re there, Crisnail’s hand and body creams will most definitely tempt you to whip out your credit card – I love love love the retro packaging and the original Victoria Secret Fragrance.
Now … back to those brows. To say mine were unruly would have been an understatement. I always put off grooming them because I end up looking like I’ve had a bright red strip tattooed across my face and I have to go into hiding for a solid 24-hours. #SensitiveSkinProblems. Parvinder (the therapist at Polish) an authentic threader from India with 20 years experience, worked her magic on me before I could blink an eye. I couldn’t believe the precision, and as for the pain … what pain? Parvinder can do everything from shaping consultations to a customised clean-up, and if necessary correct even the most botched brow. I left in a wake of eyebrow (and nail) envy … true story darlings. Crisnail nail polishes are R170 each, while the hand and body creams are R200 each. Threading ranges from R100 for brows to R200 for a full face (available on Wednesdays only).
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One lucky Darling stands the chance to win a Crisnail mani, pedi and hand lotion, as well as threading (But only on a Wednesday). To enter like Polish Nail Spa on Facebook and send your name and telephone number to editorial@velocitymedia.co.za. We will notify winners by telephone and email.

By Samantha Richardson
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by Samantha

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