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Good Food Studio; Pick n Pay on Nicol; Cnr Republic & William Nicol; Sandton.

I have to tell you that, as much as I love food and creating in the kitchen, I have NEVER had as much culinary fun as when I went to the Pick ‘n’ Pay Good Food Studio. I was looking forward to the end product of my croquembouche (a French classic made globally famous by Masterchef Australia’s first season challenge), but to be completely honest, I was almost certain that I would never be able to really pull it off. The incredible team at the Good Food Studio proved me and the fifteen-odd trembling pastry enthusiasts so wrong.

I walked into the immaculate reception area at 8am on a Saturday (a challenge in and of itself) to a smiling offer of Vida e Cafe coffee and felt right at home immediately. We then were asked to come through to the kitchen area where there were individual cooking stations, the hum of preheating ovens and Jessica, our wonderful instructor. We put our belongings in the lockers provided, tied our aprons on and assembled at the main demonstration area. Right away, we felt the nerves subside and the step-by-step baking process began. This seemingly monstrous tower of profiteroles, filled with delectable crème patisserie and stuck together with crisp caramel started to form.

There were errors along the way – some of the ladies’ pastry didn’t quite come out right, a fair few caramels burnt, but this beautiful sense of community started to form as people shared successful caramels, stirred choux and donated extra puffs. At the end of the day we all went home a little tired and super high-spirited. There was laughter, productivity and dessert – three of my absolute favourite things.

The Good Food Studio also offers less advanced courses, morning classes for the kids, evening classes for men and women who may need a new skill set or just want to learn something different, classes for domestic workers; and of course, their delightfully challenging Saturday morning classes.

I cannot stress enough how worthwhile an experience this was and I cannot wait to attend the next one!

by Sarah

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