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One of the scariest things, for me, is knowing that the first thing people see when they look at you is your face. And as women, we are generally fussy about which face and skin care products to use. We all want those products that make our skin feel smooth, look radiant and feel fresh.

Recently, I got the chance to try out African Extracts-Rooibos Skin Care four ways of purifying your skin and since I have had an up and down battle with oily skin, I was super excited to give this purifying range a shot.

I also constantly battle with bags and redness under my eyes due to various reasons, mostly caused by staring for long hours at the computer screen or my tablet. The Purifying Spot Treatment (R59.99) had a positive effect on my skin, especially in the under eye area and left my skin clear and feeling soft.

With regards to the Purifying Pore-Clearing Scrub (R64.99), I used the product once a day instead of the recommended 3-4 times a week and really saw and felt the effectiveness of the product. 

I think this is an awesome product, especially since it’s made out of rooibos extract which works well to exfoliate the skin. 

I mainly wear make-up over the weekends and have always wanted something quick and easy to use to remove my make-up after a long night out. So I was super excited about the Purifying Dual-Phase Eye Make-Up Remover (R79.99) and the Purifying 3-in-1 Facial Wipes (R49.99).

These two products work well together and my skin felt smooth and oil free after removing my make-up.

After all this cleaning and purifying, I did feel like my skin needed a little bit of moisture and this is where a moisturiser would have come in handy. Unfortunately, one wasn’t included in the four product pack which was a bit of a disappointment but I will certainly get one for myself to round up this fantastic skin care routine. 

For more information or to check out the full range of African Extracts Rooibos products, visit http://www.africanextracts.com/ 


by Tumi

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25 August 2018 at 06:14 pm
Rebecca Add comment here or a reply..I bought mine today...I am hoping to see results face wash, toner and moisturiser

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