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A little while ago I swore off facials because, to be perfectly honest I was sick and tired of going for facials where the therapist wasn’t doing much more for me than I was doing at home. Trust me, if I needed someone to wash, exfoliate and moisturise my skin for me then I would just bribe my boyfriend with pizza and convince him it would bring us closer together as a couple. I hated that women were being duped into paying a fortune just so someone could lightly massage their face and then perform their morning skin routine on their behalf. So I decided to go on a one woman crusade to find the best facials out there - the ones that actually make a visible and lasting difference to your skin. Along the way I have discovered that every facial is certainly not created equal and that there are in fact some facials worth your money and your time. Which brings me to the QMS Pure Oxygen Facial – it gets two enthusiastic thumbs up in my books and is definitely worth a try!

So before I tell you all about this incredible facial it’s probably best that I give you the 411 on the brains behind the facial and products, QMS Medicosmetics. QMS is a cosmeceutical skincare brand formulated by aesthetic surgeon Dr. Med - an expert on skin aging and skin regeneration. QMS is renowned all over the world for producing products that not only rejuvenate the skin but that also contain high concentrations of active ingredients in formulations that maximise absorption on the skin. To put it simply, the brand is extremely results driven and they don’t put anything in a bottle unless it actually works.

In addition to an extensive at-home product range (which includes cleansers, moisturisers and even body care products) they also have a stunning range of salon treatments and facials. These include the Classic, Activator, Deep Cleansing (or Acne Sk-Alpha), Ne-tissue Dermie and Pure Oxygen facials. Each facial is designed to tackle a particular skin concern and to help the client get their skin ready for the magic of the QMS at-home range. The QMS Pure treatment has been specifically designed to promote skin cell regeneration and to give the skin an immediate boost. I got the opportunity to try the facial at Toast and Co spa in Craighall Park and absolutely loved it. In fact, after the facial I vowed to go back for another session!

If, like me, you want to know that the facial is actually doing something for your skin then you will love this! During the facial a focussed stream of 98% pure oxygen is channelled onto the skin’s surface and is then followed by the application of a concentrated formulation of hyaluronic acid which promotes deeper penetration of the products applied during the facial. As for the products used on your skin, your facial starts off with a cleansing using the Deep Cleansing cleanser (R435) and is then followed by a Dermabrasive Gel, Gentle Exfoliant Cream and the Freshening Tonic (all exclusive in-spa products).

The next step was my most favourite part of the treatment. Once your skin is good and clean the therapist applies the cooling and calming Algae Mask over your face (including over your eyes and mouth – it’s that safe!) After a while the mask hardens and is peeled off the face to reveal your soft, smooth and rejuvenated skin below. From the hard mask your therapist can also read your skin to pinpoint your trouble areas such as areas of dehydration, enlarged pores and any other problems she needs to focus on. For me the mask is the reason I will go back for this treatment – it’s that awesome.

And what about the end results? I absolutely loved this facial as it left my skin looking healthy and feeling plump and hydrated. This facial is as results driven as they come and I can’t wait to go back for another on. The QMS Pure Oxygen Treatment will set you back R850 (90 mins). To book your treatment now contact Toast and Co directly using the contact details in the little pink box at the top right hand corner of this post.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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19 August 2014 at 09:48 pm
Theresa I went for the QMS pure oxygen facial today my treatment only lasted 60min which I thought was a bit odd but anyway my skin feels nice and hydrated. Anel Engelke - which treatment helps with pigmentation?

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