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Darlings, where do you go when you have a special occasion that requires an eye-catching outfit … one that the rest of the girls in Joburg won’t already own? To Jessica Rayne of Rayne, that’s where! I tagged along with a friend, Yael, on her quest for a unique garment and landed up at the home of friendly-faced Jessica Rayne, where we were welcomed in with hugs and offered tea as soon as we’d set foot inside … if only that happened in regular shops!

While we browsed through the rails and selected outfits that caught our eye, Jessica asked Yael a bit more about herself so that she could get a better idea of her style. A couple of key items really stuck out for me (although, sadly, I couldn’t buy anything – January is the worst!) and I loved the fact that the range on the rails featured both casual, smart-casual and over-the-top glitzy glam items – something for everyone, really. 

So where exactly do these items come from? Well, what sets Rayne apart from other designers/shops in general is that her garments are all one-of-a-kind. How amazing is it knowing that no one else in the world will ever wear the same outfit as you? All her clothing has been repurposed from vintage, retro and modern items … there was even a beautiful lace throw-over that had been reconstructed from a Victorian wedding dress! 

Throughout our shopping session, we all chatted non-stop and both Yael and I felt very at home. Jessica left the two of us alone so that Yael could try on outfits and peeked in every now and then to offer some style advice. She was more than accommodating and even offered Yael items from her own wardrobe to try on with the outfits … you need a slip with that? No problem. A pair of black heels? Try mine! Look this shade of lipstick – it totally makes the whole look pop! 

She was super-helpful and in the end, Yael narrowed her choices down to two outfits but couldn’t decide which one she wanted. At no point was she pressured into buying anything because, let’s face it, ladies, it’s always a bit awkward going into someone’s home to look at their goods with the possibility of leaving empty handed, you know? Not here – there was no pressure at all, so Yael walked away with just a shirt and decided to sleep on her final decision… although if she doesn’t go back for that velvet skirt she was considering, I will!

Rayne also offers personal styling, makeovers, revamps, wardrobe sorting and style consultations so if you’re stuck in a fashion rut, need that one-of-a-kind garment or just want to get your cupboard sorted, you know who to call. 

by Nikki

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28 January 2016 at 10:52 am
charlene where is this shop please
28 January 2016 at 08:58 am
Sayuri Hi, this shop sounds great! Where is it shop located?

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