20 Dec 2016 Tanning Up a Storm
Tanning Up a Storm

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Most sun screens are just that - sun screen. You slap it on, go for a swim and turn into a prawn an hour later. Well, that was until BABOR came along and turned boring old suncare into a brilliant and beautiful beauty product. 

The perks of living in Africa is that the entire continent is a tanning bed. Even in winter we walk around with Daisy Duke shorts on our way to grab a cup of coffee in the morning. On top of that, the sun is good for you. For instance, did you know that sunlight exposure can equip your body to stock up on vitamin D3? This D3 boost can last up to four months and can lead to the production of more vitamin D. Also - one last fun fact before we move on to more important things -, sunlight also boosts your serotonin levels which leads to a happier mood. Hey, if it can make the basil in your window sill grow then it must be good for you, right? Of course... but only in small dosis - just like red wine. 

But because we live on the southern tip of Africa, we must take care of our skin. A scary fact is that 80% of those wrinkles we wear so well are caused by soaking up too much sun. The thing is that we often don't even realise this. Trust me, I've burned my forehead just by walking from the parking lot to the mall's entrance. Doing this three times a week does add up. To curb this Babor Skincare invested in their new anti-aging suncare range.  These wonder-products not only contain effective UV filters, but also a powerful anti-aging complex, which doubles the protection against harmful UV rays. 

Effective UVA filters protect against premature skin aging caused by UVA radiation, while UVB filters block these particularly energy-rich rays, which can cause sunburn and pigment marks. The anti-aging complex additionally protects cellular DNA and contains the potent radical quenchers- vitamin E and vitamin C, encapsulated in an intelligent spherical carrier.

These products come out in sprays and lotions in SPF 15, SPF 30 and SPF 50. At the time of writing this blog, prices range from R603 to R906 - which is well worth the price. I recently took these products for a test drive around the Sands in Sandton and it worked wonders. It's light on the skin, easy to apply and has a pretty little smell - unlike competitive products that carries the consistancy of cement straight from the mixer. For the first time I feel protected from the sun. Goodbye, beach umbrellas, hello sun and surf. 

by Shenise

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