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Whether you are looking for healthy living or to spice up your gluten-free kitchen, let me tell you about a little secret that has saved my pallet and my tummy. Darlings, meet The South African Gluten-Free Cookbook.

Ever since I can remember, my body did not get along with gluten. When we went out and friends munched down on pizza, I had to settle for a Greek salad. Fair enough. Eating out and cooking in is quite limited when you can't stomach grass-related grains. Everything from butternut and feta stuffed ravioli to flapjacks was a big no-no in my kitchen. As fun as it'd be to cook and eat these lovely dishes I'd rather have a Greek salad... well, that was until Penguin Random House SA released the South African Gluten-Free Cookbook. 

As a subscriber to their mailing list, I jumped out of excitement when the announcement of this book hit my inbox. When I found out that Jenny Kay (of The Star fame), was behind the 100 tried-and-tested recipes,  I simply had to order it. The book comprises of everyday meals and a handful of dishes you can prepare for your next dinner party. With Jenny at the helm, baking and desserts have become something I can now enjoy as well.

According to my new hero, (Jenny if you ever read this, I love you) one of the keys to successful gluten-free cooking is knowing which flour will give the best result.  In this book, the various types of flours are discussed and a homemade gluten-free flour mix that forms the basis of many recipes in the book is included. That's a winning recipe if you ask me. 

Who would have thought the day would come that I'd be able to eat Yorkshire pudding without having to worry about my gluten intolerance? Do yourself a favour and invest in better eating by grabbing a copy of this fantastic cookbook. 

by Fallyn

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