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Being one of the most trusted and tried hair-removal brands in the country, Veet has over 80 years of experience in developing safe and effective products. So, it's only fair that we introduce you to our new best friend, the Veet Sensitive Touch.

Peach fuzz. Those tiny devil hairs that grow on your upper lip and all over your chin that makes boys go, "hey, you have a bigger beard than me!" But thanks to Veet those days are over... and the same goes for bushy eyebrows. Good riddance says the Darlings. Good riddance indeed. Ladies, meet the Veet Sensitive Touch.

This revolutionary hair-removal device is the first of its kind as it shaves and shapes delicate areas of the body. For salon-quality results, the Veet Sensitive Touch comes with attachments suited for everything from eyebrow trimming to underarm grooming and everything in between. The kit comprises of inter-changeable length combs and trimming heads which assist you to contour, trim, and style with precision. 

For the modern woman on the move, managing hair removal as and when you want is now possible thanks to the slim and sleek design of the Veet Sensitive Touch. The hair trimmer comes with a handy little beauty pouch to keep your trimmer safe. Carefree has never been easier thanks to this nifty little thing. But the beauty bus does not stop there. Veet also has a new range of hair removal creams, lotions and wax strips suited for your skin type. If you want to know what beauty feels like then Veet is the answer.

by Shenise

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15 November 2016 at 10:24 am
Caren Please confirm where and when it will be available. Would be great for the festive season and holiday time.
15 November 2016 at 10:14 am
Debbie And where can you get these handy tools and at what price ????

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