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Every now and then a makeup range comes along that just turns the whole game on its head. With the new line of LCN products it's all about putting some brains behind the beauty doo-das they offer. Come with me as I explore what makes an LCN product.

When we talk about the technology behind cosmetics, we're not only focusing on "revolutionary formulas and breath-taking whatevers" but also on product design. For instance, have you ever lost the lid of your lipstick only to risk your precious ruby red to have lint and other muck stick to it? Thanks to LCN that is something of the past. This inovative brand has introduced magnitc lipstick lids to their lipstick line, which will ensure that you don't lose those little things ever again. It's smarts such as this that move the cosmetics world forward. 

But what about their other products? It's all good and well to keep your lipstick safe but what about the stuff that makes you look pretty? Say no more! The LCN line has expanded to include natural nail, hand, foot, make-up, body and spa products.  Every LCN beauty product remains the result of careful research, educated industry professionals, and a flawless eye for the future of beauty and fashion.  LCN continues to break new ground in the beauty industry, while still standing the test of time. My absolute favourite LCN product would be the cuticle saving, nail nurturing beauty, the Olive Care Pen. With this darling, nails are being provided with valuable plant oils which turn cuticles soft and smooth. At the same time it offers care for thin and brittle nails. The combination of olive oil, almond oil and jojoba oil nourish nails intensively. The pretty thing about this product is the price as it retails for around R260 (at the time of writing). Other fabulous products include the Anti-Aging Overnight Hand Mask, Powder Room Body Powder and the WOW Mascara - which is to die for. 

It's quite interesting to see that there is quite a bit of thought going into the stuff we put on our faces etc. And it is good to know that there are guys out there such as LCN that put in that extra step to make us even prettier than we are. So whenever you are hitting the town or hanging out with friends, do yourself a favour and reach for LCN. Tah.



by Shenise

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