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Shenise is in New York City at the moment, attending some fancy do, so you've got your girlfriend Fallyn here holding the fort until She-naynay returns. Anyway, let's get around to the thing I do best – spoil you with insider beauty product secrets. Let's get on with it, shall we?

This past chilly season, I've lost more moisture from my face than there's rain in the Sahara during autumn. But there’s a new way to brighten and regenerate skin without stripping essential, much-needed moisture. I've been sitting with this product for almost a month now, sworn to secrecy... until now.

DermaQuest introduces their new SkinBrite Facial Cleanser – a deluxe, gentle formula carefully crafted to hamper pigmentation concerns while delivering vital cleansing and nutrients to the skin. Doesn't that sound lovely? Well, it is!

The SkinBrite Facial Cleanser combines the revitalising properties of Shitake mushroom (yum!), green tea extract (yum), panthenol (vitamin B5, not so yum) and vitamins C and E (eh,) to gently even out and brighten dull skin tone while soothing and protecting the delicate properties of the skin. Let me tell you straight, this product is what your skin needs after it awakens from hibernation this spring. SkinBrite Facial Cleanser locks in moisture while fighting free radicals, so skin stays refreshed, energised, and perfectly primed for your skincare regime.


by Fallyn

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