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I have never been overly keen on “image consultants” because no matter how good they are, you end up having to spend a royal fortune on clothes afterwards. Well, all that changed when I sat in (well, “lay in” actually as I was reclined on her bed the entire time) on a friend’s consultation with Glynis Mackenzie from Living On Purpose. I was completely and utterly BLOWN AWAY by the entire process and cannot recommend her enough. YOU NEED TO TRUST ME ON THIS!

What made this entire process stand out for me was that Glynis will come to your home and interact with you in your own space, which makes this such a personal and unthreatening experience. She is also extremely passionate about helping you “look like your true self” as opposed to “making you over” so that your clothes begin to showcase on the outside who you are on the inside. Which makes SO much sense - don’t we all feel instantly better and more confident when we look good? 

We then moved onto the next jaw-dropping part of the morning - “Shopping Your Cupboard”. Glynis immediately dressed my friend in a pair of neutral brown pants, and then proceeded to create about 20 different outfits in front of our eyes – ones we never would have IMAGINED before, and which all looked amazing! She took photos of what each outfit looked like for easy reference at a later point  – different tops, jackets, bracelets, pashminas and shoes – who would have thought that so many outfits lay behind my friend’s cupboard doors?

At the end of the 4 hrs (it was supposed to be 3hrs but Glynis is not one to leave a job half finished), I had witnessed a complete transformation of my friend who was literally GLOWING from the entire experience. It was quite remarkable to see her transform from someone who thought she needed a whole new wardrobe and new exercise routine to a woman who was truly starting to understand how beautiful she could look, without buying a single thing or heading to a hairdresser! It was quite something to witness.

Glynis then gave my friend a brief shopping list (one long sleeved white top, two camisole tops in red and navy, one pair of silver hoop earring and some strappy silver sandals for summer – that’s ALL she has to buy!) as well as a copy of her book, “Reclaiming Beauty – Look Like Your True Self”, which is brimming with practical advice and tips!

What can I say – I am SUCH a huge fan. Glynis has given me so much to think about and I am SO booking a session for myself in the near future. She is like the best friend/ mentor/ older sister you always wished you had – just trust me and book a session with her instead of haphazardly buying clothes for summer. It will be the BEST investment you make all year!

by Shelli

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20 August 2012 at 06:04 pm
Denise Thomas Not only is the whole process inspiring and worth every cent of her professional fee, but the saving you make instantly and in the seasons to come is often overlooked in the thrill of the day. She is exceptional at what she does without all the criticism and showmanship that often comes with image makeovers. Glynis is someone every woman should have experienced!
30 July 2012 at 12:56 pm
Kerry van der Riet Glynis has changed my life. By lovingly mirroring my authentic Self back to me, she has helped me to feel beautiful, and to develop my self-esteem to the point that I can wear the clothes I always dreamed of wearing, and express my true Self to the world. Thanks to my sessions with Glynis and reading her remarkable book, my wardrobe is bursting with colour and vibrancy. I have a simple and perfect collection of clothes that reflect my personal style and give me enormous joy to wear. How can I ever thank you enough, Glynis?
29 July 2012 at 04:48 pm
Karen Nel Glynis has come to my home twice, once for a winter wardrobe and once for summer. She has an amazing eye for detail and helped me put together a large variety of outfits that suited me from the clothes that I already had in ways that had not occurred to me. We also drew up a chart of the combinations, which is great to use as a reference. Glynis not only does this but she also shows you how to do it yourself. Both were wonderful experiences and I made a friend as well.
27 July 2012 at 03:07 pm
Nozipho Sithole I have attended her sessions, very beautiful and they help you feel like you can take what you have and make most fof it. Excellent Glynnis

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