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Getting dressed every morning is seriously hard! Some mornings I wake up and don’t even have the mental capacity to match colours properly let alone put together a show stopping outfit. So, I usually just end up grabbing the things that require the least amount of thought. But, deep down inside I really (really) wish I knew a few tricks on how to create a ‘wow’ look in a short amount of time so I could feel a little more put together every day. I know most of you reading this probably have the same problem, and today I’m amped to let you know that Tracy Gold is coming to our rescue with her mini makeover workshops.  Here’s why you HAVE to book a spot on her next one!

First off it’s important that you know that Tracy Gold is quite literally the fairy godmother of fashion. After chatting to her about your style for five minutes you pretty much feel like Cinderella (or at least like you have the potential to be Cinderella).  Tracy is a fashion writer, stylist and designer by trade and usually her good-as-gold advice is only reserved for the ladies that pay her for a one-on-one session; but, luckily for us Tracy decided to disseminate her knowledge to the masses by creating fabulous 4-hour mini makeover workshops that will give you all the knowledge you need to create a look that best suits your body shape, lifestyle, personality, life stage and budget.

For these workshops Tracy usually teams up with fabulous beauty brands to bring you tips on fashion, make-up, skincare and hair so you leave feeling inspired and ready for a change. What I love most about these workshops is that by the end of it all you will have learned how to lose 5kg just by getting dressed in the morning, simplify your skin routine, enhance your natural beauty with make-up, and style your hair with ease – all for just R500!

A friend and I got to go through to one of Tracy’s workshops recently and we both had the best time! We arrived at the afternoon session and were ushered into a waiting room filled with yummy snacks and drinks to get us started. From there we were led into the mini makeover workshop room where we were given a short introduction on each of the specialists that would be helping us during the day, and then we were split into small groups of 4-6 ladies so we could move from station to station with ease. Our first stop was the Bobbi Brown make-up station where we learned how to create a natural make-up look and bring out our natural beauty using just a few easy make-up tricks.

From there it was on to the hair station where ghd stylists were ready to show us how to blow dry our hair with ease or create fabulous styles using just a flat iron. I chose to learn how to create volume and pretty flicks and curls with my ghd. The stylist first showed me how to do it and then stood by me as I tried my hand at doing my own hair. The stylist also introduced me to some of the ghd styling products that would work the best for my hair and the styles I wanted to create.

After we got our hair done we went through to a fancy pants hotel room where Tracy stood us in front of the mirror one by one and asked us how we felt about our bodies and what our areas of concern were. She then showed us how we could add a little pizzazz to the outfit we were already wearing that day, and then she chose an outfit from the Tracy Gold collection for us to try on. I was amazed at the transformation of all the ladies in my group and I could tell everyone was starting to feel more and more like princesses. (The Tracy Gold clothes were also unbelievably pretty!)

Lastly, we moved onto the SalonCare station where we were educated on the best products for our skin types and lifestyle. We met one-on-one with a consultant who looked at our skin and helped us select a few things to take home. I was super impressed with the quality of these products and the prices - we worked out I could get my whole skin regime (face wash, moisturiser, sun block, mask and exfoliator) for just R400! And, to end it all off we got to take a goodie bag home, filled with products from all the sponsors, worth R600.

Tracy’s next workshop is on 9 November at St Andrews Signature Hotel and Spa and you can book for the morning session (09:00 – 12:00) or the afternoon session (13:30 – 17:00). Say hello to Tracy Gold on Facebook.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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