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A little while ago I featured an organic in-salon tanning product and waxed lyrical about how I was completely blown away by the fact that we no longer had to be subjected to spray tans that took ages to dry and left you smelling like wet bread. And now, just in time for the long awaited arrival of spring, I have found yet another fabulous organic tanning product – except this time it’s all about self-tan and DIY. If you’re super self conscious and hate the idea of standing starkers inside a tanning booth while a lady sprays you from head to toe then you are going to love, love, love TanOrganic! The product is unlike any other self tanning product you’ve ever used (in fact it’s a world first!) and after just one use you will be just as smitten as I am.

What I love most about TanOrganic is that its biggest selling point isn’t the fact that it is organic. Nope, the product is just absolutely brilliant (plain and simple) and just happens to have the added benefit of being certified organic. The organic self-tan is quite unique in that it is a self-tan oil – which means goodbye spray cans and creams and hello silky smooth and sun kissed skin! I love that the products give you a natural glow (the same glow you get after two weeks in the Mediterranean) and don’t leave you with tell-tale streaks. This even glow is all thanks to the brilliant synthetic-free oils in the product which nourishes your skin while it tans it. The fact that the product is an oil also helps to combat that annoying extreme browning you get in those extra dry spots on your body (such as heels, knees and in between toes). I loved how smooth my skin felt after using the tanning kit and am now tempted to use it on my legs all the time just to keep them silky smooth.

TanOrganic contains a blend of Aloe Vera and plant oils such as Borage oil, Argan oil, Macadamia Oil, Avocado oil and orange peel oil. These ingredients help to give you super smooth skin after tanning and also leaves you with a lovely citrus after-smell on the skin. The oils in the product are also quick absorbing so you won’t have to spend ages in nothing but your birthday suit while you wait for it to dry. TanOrganic also claims that the Aloe Vera has firming properties that help to firm the area after tanning. The oils in the product are also really good for your skin and you don’t have to worry about your skin being exposed to synthetic colours, fragrances or parabens.

I got the chance to try a TanOrganic tanning kit (which included the TanOrganic Tanning Mit, TanOrganic Original Tanning Oil and Oil Arganic) and absolutely loved it. The TanOrganic Tanning Mit was the perfect way to prep my skin for the tanning process and I was surprised at how soft and gentle it was on my skin. The Original Tanning oil (R419) is fabulous for those with sensitive skin or more mature skins and feels like butter going on, and the Oil Arganic (R599) did wonders to keep my tan looking great day in and day out.

What’s more, there’s no awkward fading to worry about as the tan fades naturally and perfectly. My tan lasted for a good few days and I didn’t notice any weird splotches or uneven fading. The product is also insanely easy to apply – you can apply it after showering and exfoliating and there’s no need to use a glove to protect your hands. You simply just apply the product like you would any other body oil and wipe your hands with a wet wipe afterwards. I only used the product on my legs as I’m not a massive fan of all body tanning, but this product is so lovely I might just be tempted to use it everywhere next time I need a glow.

If you’re using the products for the first time I would recommend buying The Tan Bag (R1199) which comes with everything you need to start out such as a 100ml TanOrganic Original oil, 100ml Oil Arganic, a Tan Erase exfoliating glove and a Luxury Tan Glove. The TanOrganic Products are available online from the TanOrganic South Africa website.

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