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If you thought 3D movies were PC (Pretty Cool) then wait until you try 4D movies - Kayla and I were literally hanging on to our seats as we were taken on a roller coaster ride through space!

In desperate search of some light relief after a stressful couple of days, Kayla and I decided we needed to PLAY and headed out to Eastgate to give their new 4D movies a whirl. (And have an enormous Smartie Cup while we were there – I am VERY committed to my child’s Calcium intake...)

The 4D movies are at Eastgate Shopping Centre (located near entrance 7 on the rooftop - free parking too!) Within a couple of minutes of parking our car, we were seated on two of the 12 chairs making up the “cinema”, strapped in with a seat belt and given our 3D glasses to wear. The lights went down, and our seats began to “rumble”. Kayla had a slight moment of panic when the movie began, but was quickly reassured when I reminded her that our seats would just tilt and that they were bolted to the floor!

The movies are exceptionally well done – your seats move in time with what is happening on screen, gusts of air blow your hair back as you “rush through a tunnel”, stars fly past your eyes (because of the 3D glasses), and we honestly felt like we were on a roller coaster, but without the stomach-dropping feeling as you plummet down the tracks.

Kayla loved the “Cosmic Coaster” and was beaming from ear to ear when it stopped, but declined to try the other 3 on offer. I think any more than one would have been a sensory overload for her, so she waited while I tried the other 3. The movies are each 5 minutes long and R30 per movie, and they are all superb. “Ravine Racer” is breath-taking as you fly past obstacles and other cars, “Canyon Coaster” is a roller coaster ride on steroids, and “Haunted Mine” is slightly creepy and very well done (but very bumpy and not recommended for those with a sore back or neck).

I have to say that this is loads of fun – especially for tweens, teens and adults who will want to try them all. It’s ideal for a day when you want to let your hair down and do something that will make you gasp out loud. And an ice-cream afterwards is the cherry on top!


9am to 9pm Mondays to Thursdays, public holidays and Sundays.
9am to 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It costs R30 per person for a 5-minute ride

by Shelli

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22 March 2012 at 11:46 am
Penny Will definitely take the family soon!
22 March 2012 at 10:14 am
Lebo Hi, thank you very much for these updates, gal. they make my life easier in that I know now where to take the family for entertainment. Thank for the great work you are doing..

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