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Everyone has that one friend who is always taking photos - you know the one that is always in your face with a lens trying to capture that perfect moment. The only problem with taking so many photos is I don’t have a place to show them off or keep them. Sure - I can store them on my computer but I hardly ever sit in front of my laptop browsing through my hundreds of folders of photos. Which is why I was so thrilled to discover the art of scrapbooking and Memory Square last week – it’s the perfect way to capture and display all your most-favourite memories for yourself and generations to come.

If you’ve been paying any sort of attention at all you will probably have noticed that scrapbooking has blown up in South Africa. Women (and some men) of all ages have really taken to the hobby and there’s a very good reason for that – it’s just so damn addictive! I attended a scrapbooking class with Sally (owner of Memory Square in Fourways) and absolutely loved every minute of it. I’d never done scrapbooking before so I was a little worried I’d be hopeless at it the first time, but I was surprised at just what you can do with a little guidance from a great teacher and some basic creativity.

I arrived at the class that evening with a folder filled with a few photo options (before the class Sally briefed me on what I needed to bring) and the class started off with a bit of a colour consultation with Sally. I showed her the photo I was keen to scrapbook and she took me through to the on-site scrapbook shop to decide what colour and style of papers, embellishments and other fun stuff I wanted to include on my page. When I walked into the shop for the first time I was blown away by just how much scrapbooking paraphernalia was available in the little store! Memory Square offers an astounding selection of the latest scrapbooking papers, ribbons, styles, glues, gadgets and more,  straight from the scrapbooking Mecca of the world, the United States.

Once we’d found all the goodies we need to complement my photo Sally showed me an example of the page we would be creating that night and we set off to work. I’ll admit she did help me quite a bit but she was incredibly patient with me and explained the logic behind everything we were doing at each stage. The class was three hours in total and at the end of it I left with a gorgeous framed gift for my dad. What I loved most about the class is how relaxing it was – it’s impossible to think about your morning deadline when you’re concentrating so hard on making a beautiful page. The three hours literally flew by and I can’t wait to go back!

Memory Square offers small intimate classes (no bigger than groups of 4) on weekday mornings (09:00 – 12:00) and evenings (18:00 – 21:00) as well as Saturday mornings (09:00 – 12:00). Classes are R120 for 3 hours and you’ll be able to buy all the papers and tools you need for your class project before the class. Sally also sells starter kits (which includes all the basics you need to get started) for R250. What’s more, if you’re already a scrap enthusiast you can find everything you need at the Memory Square store. I loved that the store has extremely flexible hours so you can pop in before or after work (as long as you make arrangements with Sally before you show up!) to grab what you need.

by Crystal

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