Samsung Blogger Challenge: Day 1

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I've got great news Darlings! I have been chosen to take part in the Samsung Blogger Challenge over the next few weeks (eek!) I am so excited because taking part in the challenge means I get to test out the super fancy Samsung NX300 camera! Samsung claims that the nifty gadget is high performance made portable and every blogger's best friend and I can't wait to put it to the test.

Our first challenge for this week was to take a photo on any setting using the NX300 and capture our moment of bliss. My moment of bliss is definitely the moments I get to take my laptop outside into the gardens here at Joburg’s Darling headquarters and write my blog posts - I sit back with a warm cup of honey sweetened rooibos tea and my notebook and then write to my heart’s content. It is always a moment of calm in an otherwise super busy week.

Check out my ‘Shot of the Day’: a beauty blogger’s moment of bliss, taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung’.

For more information on the challenge and the bloggers involved click here.

by Crystal

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