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Darlings, there’s nothing more refreshing than a cup of tea (yes, even in the warm summer weather)! Personally, I adore green tea and mint … I just love the aroma. Pair that with a plate of the sweetest treats imaginable and you’ve got yourself a winner! Well, that’s exactly what I indulged in at Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff.

Firstly, let me say that a high tea at Four Seasons is anything but old-fashioned (as they pointed out when Fallyn and I arrived … this is not your grandmother’s high tea). It’s contemporary and perfectly matches the vibe of our pretty city, coupled with the elegance of the hotel – talk about tea with a view (but I’ll get to that in a moment)!

After walking through the grounds of the stunning Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff (it truly is spectacular!), we took an elevator to View Restaurant … and what a view it is! From where we sat, the scenery of green trees went on forever! After a few take-your-breath-away moments, we decided to scan the comprehensive menu for our tea of choice.

I went with Ti Kian Yin (I figured that I’d already given green and red tea a try … so why not try blue tea as well), and Fallyn went with Pai Mu Tan – a white tea. Both were amazing – light, uplifting and deliciously-scented! 

To complement that, I tried the Sweet Stand, which has six sweet and three savoury items – think scones, crème brûlée and carrot cake. My favourites had to be the macarons (I love them!), the pistachio and strawberry, which is a light green tea (hint, hint!) sponge with fresh strawberries and pistachio cream and the Monarch Prawns, which are crumbed in coconut with Thai avo relish … yum! 

Fallyn went with the Savoury Stand. It has several tasty goodies like the Salmon Trout Tartar, the Vietnamese Rice Paper Spring Rolls (which she really enjoyed) and a biltong sandwich, which contains light, smoked Peppadew butter and rocket. There are also three sweet items on this menu … so you don’t have to miss out on all that sugary goodness!

The next time that you decide to treat the girls to something sweet (or savoury) and unique, why not pop by Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff? You can book a high tea at View Restaurant from Monday to Thursday and it will cost you about R395 per person. Having said that, when you consider how much food you’re getting (Fallyn and I left there stuffed!), it’s not bad at all. Enjoy!

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by Nicole

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14 February 2016 at 04:56 pm
Imaan There was some truth. Put it this way, the media was involved in the inncdeit, and they are the only instrument through which the public can learn anything about what had happened, and they're in the position to sway public opinion to their favour and hence conflict of interest.I'm not saying the media hve been biased as this is a fact of life if we have any expectation for the media to monitor the government, and hence most regimes are not stupid enough to get themselves into this position
24 November 2015 at 09:30 am
Erin Do they still offer the buffet high tea on the weekends?

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