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Good morning, Darlings! Have I ever told you how much I love spring? Personally, I absolutely adore the scent of flowers in bloom … especially Jasmine (hands up if you agree!). It’s sweet, light and feminine – so just imagine my joy when I came across the Jasmine Collection from HARNN.

You may have heard that HARNN opened up shop in Melrose Arch a few weeks ago. The store is stocked with anything and everything from shampoo and massage oil to body lotion and tea (yes, they sell several exotic flavours of Tichaa tea!). Anyway, I decided to give some of their deliciously-scented body products a try.

HARNN has several collections including Oriental Herb, Jasmine (of course!), Cymbopogon, Oriental Rose (which smells just as amazing as their Jasmine collection!) and even Tropical Wood. After going back and forth between these choices (believe me, it wasn’t easy), I went with the Jasmine Natural Body Lotion. 

The body lotion comes in a 230ml container, which is quite small when you think about it. Having said that, the consistency of the lotion is so smooth and silky that you don’t have to lather that much on (I’ve been using it for weeks, and I haven’t even gotten halfway down the bottle!). Plus, the scent of Jasmine is completely evident and leaves me feeling energised.

For good measure (and because I can’t ever just get one beauty product when I go shopping … I’m sure you understand), I also gave their Tropical Herbs Soap Set a try. It comes in lovely green and blue packaging and contains a Mangoesteen & Bergamot soap, a Rosemary & Artemisia soap and a Lemongrass & Rice Bran soap. They go on great and each one has its own unique, spicy scent.

All in all, I adore these products from HARNN … and I can’t wait to go there on my next splurge session (I’m definitely going after that Oriental Rose Collection!).

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by Nicole

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