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Be honest, when was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and didn’t moan about your complexion or the texture of your skin? We’ve all been there – although between you and me, I believe that every skin type has something beautiful and unique about it (hands up if you agree!). Having said that, if your skin is in desperate need of revitalisation, Babor has got you covered!

Revive Your Skin With Babor

  It’s a new season, Darlings (as if you haven’t noticed) … so there’s no need to stick to those wintery makeup shades anymore! It’s time to bring out the vibrant colours and brighten up your look! To do just that, GOSH Cosmetics has come up with a Sp... A Spring Fling With GOSH Cosmetics    

  If you’re anything like me, yoga can seem a bit boring. Well, that’s what I thought … until I tried Zen Hot Yoga’s 10-day beginner special. Darlings, let me tell you that I’ve completely changed my mind about this amazing form of exercise! Sweat It Out At Zen Hot Yoga    

  As a little girl, I had no idea how much my eyebrows would mean to me someday. Now that I’m an adult, leaving the house with imperfect brows is like leaving the house without pants! Well-groomed brows can make you look polished, while ungroomed brows can make you look messy. Over-tweezed br... How To Wow Your Brows In Five Simple Steps    

  I’m about to confess something that I’ll probably regret confessing later … here goes. I would absolutely love to get in shape for the summer season, but I’m just too lazy to! I usually start an exercise routine with enthusiasm and then somewhere along the way, it fizzles... Shape Up For Summer With BTL    

  Sometimes I think we underestimate the importance of a good facial cleanser. And there are so many products out there that we’re completely spoilt for choice! (Not that I’m complaining – I love having choices – especially when it comes to … shopping!) Anyway, if you... Care For Your Skin With Cetaphil    

  Trawling through the web, the words ‘Steam Train Wine Festival’ immediately caught the eye of Ryan, our Chief Entertainment Officer. Wine and trains? What more could a guy ask for!? After little to no convincing, his wife was as excited as he was … they hopped ... All Aboard The Wine Train!    

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