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Take a moment and think about it … there’s nothing more awe-inspiring than a woman’s body, with all its shapes, sizes and curves! We’re almost through Women’s Month and, ladies, I’d like to invite you to flaunt that gorgeous temple with Sarita-Inc … no holds barred! (Before you freak out, read on – you might just be tempted to try out some of their lovely lingerie.)

Unleash Your Inner Goddess With Sarita-Inc

  You’re a smart, talented career-orientated woman – and you’re going places, fast! So don’t let overdone makeup distract your supervisors and colleagues from your professional awesomeness. Stick to these fuss-free makeup tips for instant workplace success! Ten Dos And Don’ts Of Work Makeup    

  I don’t know about you, Darlings, but I’m always on the lookout for face products that don’t contain any nasties. You know what I mean – a whole host of ingredients that you can’t pronounce … they simply can’t be good for you. That’s why I’m ... Love And Care For Your Skin With Human+Kind    

  I don’t know about you, Darlings, but very few things could beat some ‘me time’ at the spa or the salon. (Although I wouldn’t say no to an ol’ fashioned romcom and a tub of Häagen-Dazs ice cream either!) I believe that every girl has a coping mechanism when she&... Spoil Yourself With A Stunning Mani From Slate    

  My colleague, Fallyn, and I were recently treated to an afternoon of luxury at the Dr Baumann Salon in Bryanston and, Darlings, the Chocolate Body Wrap that I had was really something to write home about. If you’re looking to pamper yourself, read on!  Wrap Yourself In Chocolate At The Dr Baumann Salon    

  Good morning, Darlings! I hope you had a fabulous Women’s Day long weekend. (I know I did!) I didn’t do much relaxing though – which I suppose is what happens when you try to cram a whole lot of fun into your weekend. That&rsq... Turn Your Home Into Your Own Personal Spa    

  Ok, I’m all for embracing one’s own, unique beauty … but I also know that we all have something about ourselves that we wish we could improve (though we probably won’t openly admit it … or maybe that’s just me). My colleague, Fallyn recently went to G... Enhance Your Beauty With Galderma    

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