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Happy days are here again! Why? Well, because I have the scoop on the next level of fitness. Now, we all know that a healthy lifestyle depends on your diet as well as your exercise routine, right? Thanks to EMSTT, you can intensify your workouts even more … which means that summer-ready body is only a few steps away!

Get A Super-Intense Workout With EMSTT

  Joburg seems to be going through an ‘active trend’ at the moment, with places like Bounce Inc. and the like opening up left, right and centre. It also looks like the old school craze of roller skating has returned … and we couldn’t be happier! Welcome, Roll Egoli<... Dash Over To Roll Egoli    

  The only other feature of mine that I love more than my eyes, is my hair. It’s also the feature that I love to play around with the most! I’ve tried short hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, as well as light brown, mahogany, blue-black and black in terms of the colour (you&rsq... Give Your Lovely Locks Some Length With Easihair Pro    

  Good morning! Actually, it’s a great morning. You may ask why ... I say, why not – it’s never too late to choose to have a positive attitude, after all. Plus, the start of the week always brings the prospect of new and exciting possibilities. Speaking of exciting, Candice, our g... Top Five Health Tips For The Corporate Woman    

  Ok, I’m sure we all agree that taking care of one’s body is one of the best ways to live a happy and healthy life (at least that’s what I believe). My only problem with that is … the gym and I have a love-hate relationship! It’s not that I don’t like being fit... Sway Your Way Back To Fitness With Katz School Of Dance    

  Tanning – let’s just say that is has never ended well for me! Owing to inheriting my family’s lily white skin, tanning has been one of the biggest struggles in my life. How bad could it be, you might ask? Well, let me put it this way: 30 minutes in the sun (even if I’m in ... Get A Beautiful All-Round Glow With Caribbean Tan!    

  Happy days, Darlings! The weekend is almost here and I can only hope that you’ve been having a truly amazing and productive week so far. I’m not quite sure what your plans are for your two days of bliss, but I recommend some good ol’ fashioned ‘you’ time (I know I co... Turn Up The TLC With Africology    

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