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So, I happen to be one of those people who relish the start of every season but winter … because as soon as the cold air comes knocking, dry skin issues follow a very short distance behind. However, in this very unstable winter, I’ve said hello to Babor’s two-part cleansing process, and it’s been quite the pleasant experience!

Breathe Life Into Your Skin With Babor

  By now, you’ve probably heard that the ever-popular Union Pop-Up Bar is back in town. If you haven’t, well, aren’t you lucky that we’re here to tell you? You might remember this stylish seasonal bar from when it popped up in Melrose Arch a while back? Sinc... Pop On Over To The Union Pop-Up Bar    

  Ok, before I tell you about something that is literally going to blow you away, I want you to take a deep breathe in, and as you breathe out – let go of all your fears about the rest of this week. Why? Because it’s going to be awesome and you have to be in the right state of mind for ... Take A Drive Down Memory Lane With Montecasino    

  Have you ever walked into a store, and a specific scent literally grabs at your nose, to the point where you just have to know what it is? I had that exact experience last week, when I walked into Crabtree & Evelyn in Sandton City. To both my excitement and dismay, the fragra... Turn Up The Zest With Crabtree & Evelyn    

  Happy Monday! I know the weekend has just ended but why despair when there's so much to look forward to ... including my (or should I say our) latest find. If the constant need to apply mascara, to get amazingly full lashes, is getting you down, then get ready to Flutter your eye... Get Luscious Lashes With Flutter    


I’ve just completed eight sets of … diddly-squat. Truth be told, I’ve been doing a lot of running lately – to restaurant reviews that is. Ha! Almost had you there, didn’t I? With this attitude you’d swear I love my six-pack so much that I protect it...

Shape Up With Laser Lipo    


As much as these flawless celebs try and tell us that their glowing skin is a result of "lots of exercise and plenty of water”, I’m having none of it. Seriously, that’s the stuff of fairy tales! While I grew up hearing the story of Cindere...

Transform Your Skin With The Cinderella Facial    

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