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Are you sick and tired of schlepping a jar of Mrs Balls chutney, a packet of Marie Biscuits and a box of Chappies with you all the way to the UK every time you visit your friends and family overseas? Well Darlings I have the most incredible solution for you! I mean, I know they miss the stuff but that bottle of chutney could have been another pair of super cute flip flops (ok not flip flops, it’s the UK who are we kidding they haven’t seen the sun in years) or a fabulous party dre...

Spoil Your Overseas Friends and Family with SA Pantry

  So we all know that there are no shortcuts when it comes to health and fitness. If you want to be and stay, fit, fabulous and healthy then you’ve got to put in the time and effort to get there. I have no problem with doing the hard work it’s just the time that gets me – who has ... Fit an Entire Week’s Gym Sessions Into 20 Minutes – No Jokes!    

  Today's find isn't so much a find, it's more of an announcement really, because today I am super excited to announce that the world famous and much loved Rekorderlig fruit cider range has finally arrived in South Africa! South Africans who have travelled extensively overseas alre... Rekorderlig’s Fruit Cider Comes to South Africa!    

  By now you might have picked up that I really dig beer - especially craft beer. And, with the local craft beer scene growing more and more every day what’s not to love? There are a huge variety of beers being made out there, so much so that now there really is something for everyone –... Red Sky Brewery Introduces Gluten-Free Beer!    

  If you’ve never heard the name Angela Day then it’s obvious that you have been living around a rock somewhere in the Karoo! South Africa’s first lady of cooking is well known for her fabulous bi-weekly food feature in The Star newspaper and her recipe books which are chockfull o... An Evening To Remember With Angela Day Kitchen Cookery School!    

  There is only one thing worse than having to cook dinner for one person and that is having to cook dinner for kids. I have had the dreaded chore of cooking for my nephews on more than one occasion and I have to say I don’t know how parents do it day in and day out. There’s just so muc... Tot Nosh Makes Cooking Dinner For Your Kids a Breeze!    

  There seems to be a war on carbs at the moment – in my opinion it’s an unnecessary war because carbohydrates are amazing and they want nothing more than to be your friend. However, if you are one of those people who has decided that your relationship with carbs isn’t exactly on ... The Daily Dish Makes It Easy Follow A Low-Carb Diet!    

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