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Think about all those blogs, Pinterest boards and TV shows in which perfectly kept woman make Martha Stewart look dull and boring with their creations and decorations and cooking – you want to kill those women a little, don’t you? Well, at Cook Culinary Studios, Debbie shows you just how easy it is to be one!

If Cooking Classes Could Be Rockstars, This One’s Topping The Charts!

  This is a book that actually made me laugh out loud. And cook up a storm. And want to buy a copy for each of my friends. “The Agony Chef” by Joburg author Kate Sidley is a superb combination of witty advice and down-to-earth recipes, magically blended together by her ... Win a copy of “The Agony Chef”    

  I absolutely love this city (I'd imagine this is somewhat evident by now), but I rarely find myself surprised by an establishment - this is one of many reasons that I fell in love with At The Table. A new Joburg experience that just HAS to be tried.    

  I know I keep raving on about how amazing Joburg city is becoming, but really – it’s amazing. If you haven’t been through there yet, you’re definitely missing out. Everyone from 14 year old girls to 74 year old ladies can find something new and exciting there; especially a... Another little ray of sunshine sparkles in the city.    

  I visited Seed Pod Studio as a potential party venue for Kayla, and ended up finding a little place of solitude where I can get in touch with my creative side that seems to have gone into hiding these days. Make your own bistro table    

  Crossfit has finally hit Joburg, and oh my word, recent converts are RAVING about it. Bless my cotton little pregnant socks, I actually considered trying it out on your behalf, until I watched the YouTube clip and was so exhausted that I had to have a little lie down. Are you cross that you’re not fit?    

  I love things to be European and chic, I like a bit of polish and a lot of class; but every now and then, I find that all of that comes a rather vague second to something truly Joburg in nature. The absolutely fabulous Dunkeld Fruit and Flowers market is a great example of this.<... A bouquet of true-to-Joburg goodness    

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