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I have to admit that I am quite scathing about parenting courses (mostly because only perfect parents attend them in the first place while the rest of us are drinking huge gallons of wine in front of Grey’s Anatomy and marveling at how we managed not to throttle the children that day.)

Perfect Parenting .. On The Run!

  So, I’m always sharing my Joburg finds with you, but what could be more Joburg than your own back garden? But, I don’t have to tell you that you have a back garden; what I do have to tell you is that there is a fantastic way to utilise the space in said back garden and an equally fant... I Stir-Fry With A Little Help From My Friends    

  Now that Kayla has officially started Grade 0, I have been immersed into the torturous task that is “labelling”. Apparently everything from each individual crayon and glue stick to the socks and shoes on her feet has to be labelled – a practice that should really be used to extr... The best labels in the history of ever!    

  One of the most successful gifts that Kayla received for her birthday (21 December) was a Reel Gardening set from her Aunty Giselle. Kayla has often helped me plant and harvest veggies, but this incredible product both allows her to do it herself AND makes the whole process unbel... It’s time to become a Reel Gardener    

  This Christmas, I am determined to avoid giving “token gifts” at all costs – so I was thrilled to discover the Paris Garden range of kits that will help you grow your own herbs, vegetables and flowers at home in reusable containers. And the kiddies’ range ... The gift that keeps on growing    

  I can’t stop staring at the Slumberlings website – with the most beautiful newborn photographs I have ever seen (think “Anne Geddes cute” but without the cheesiness). I so wish I had done something like this when Kayla was born – and think this is an... The most exquisite newborn photographs    

  My recent trip to Mauritius included some unforgettable baking classes with talented pastry chefs – and I am now hooked! (There is very little that comes close to the feeling of satisfaction when you take a tray of freshly baked Macaroons or Croissants out the oven.) Imagine my delight to d... Make your own croissants and pastries    

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