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I eat out a LOT (which is both a blessing and a curse) but it took a recent trip to the Mount Nelson in Cape Town for the whole concept of wine pairing to actually make any sense to me. And then I heard about a rather magical company here in Joburg that will let you try a wide variety of wines while also teaching you about which wines work best with various food dishes! Who knew that we had this wonderful wine tasting experience right on our doorstep? And it’s so much FUN!

Finally, wine is starting to make sense to me!

  I discovered AcornKids when I was at Markex, and love their array of high quality children's products (especially the bath products that will keep them in the rub for a LONG time while “accidentally” getting clean!) Moms take note of these gorgeous children`s products!    

  I am far more likely to attend a dance class than spend hours running nowhere on a treadmill, and so when Adrelatin Dance Fitness Fusion launched in Joburg a few weeks ago, I was quick to find out more! Get a burst of “Adrelatin”    

24 Jun 2011 1 Beyond the call of duty
  Never let it be said that we shy away from any subject – especially when it comes to the bedroom (or whatever room floats your boat!) So when we heard of an up-market sensual boutique in Parkhurst, we had to check it out on your behalf! Beyond the call of duty    

  It was my one-year old niece’s birthday party on Thursday and I was tasked with the all-important Tinkerbell cupcakes and shiny pink fairy wands made out of rice crispie treats. Needless to say, it was time to find a proper grown-up baking shop! Discover your inner domestic goddess    

  I can’t stop looking at Kate Van Onselen’s blog because she possesses a rare ability to take pictures that capture the very essence of a person ... A photographer that captures the soul    

10 Jun 2011 9 Colour-changing candles!
  I attended a function at The Michelangelo Hotel recently and could not take my eyes off the colour-changing candles in the centre of each table. When guests started picking them up and looking underneath for a label, I knew I wasn’t the only one! Colour-changing candles!    

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