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Before I burst I have to just tell you that I got to hold a lion cub this past weekend and it was incredible. That’s right, a tiny baby lion sat on my lap and I held it like I would hold a bog-standard domesticated dog! And, the best part is I didn’t even have to pay an arm and a leg (both literally and figuratively) for the experience. So where did I get to the pleasure of doing this? Well, I spent a magical day at the Thaba Ya Batswana Eco Hotel And Spa and fell...

Walk With Lions At Thaba Ya Batswana!

  A little while ago I wrote about my new love of mini getaways within Joburg, especially if it’s for a romantic getaway. If all you’re looking for is one night away with your special someone there’s no need to tire yourself out with a two-hour drive out of the city, when you can ... Acorn Lane Guest Estate Is A Venue of Note!    

  I absolutely love markets! I mean what’s not to love? If the market is worth its salt there’s almost always good grub to munch on while you’re there, tasty treats to take home, and lovely hand-made goodies to fuss over – it’s a shop-o-holic’s haven really. &nbs... My New Favourite Market in Joburg!    

  There’s nothing like a fabulous weekend getaway to refresh the soul and forget all the stresses of big city life. But sometimes organising a break away from the city can be stressful in itself – you have to take leave, plan your travel time and make sure you get just enough activities... A Country Getaway In Northcliff    

  Watching a movie under the stars has got to be one of my all time favourite things to do. In fact, I’m mildly obsessed with the concept of drive-ins and rooftop cinemas. I watched my very first big screen movie at a drive in and have been enchanted with the idea of catching a flick in unusu... Lights, Camera, Action – A Truly Magical Experience!    

  Darlings, I’ve dropped the ball! For the past year I’ve been visiting the most amazing homeware store in Randburg, scooping up wonderful deals and all sorts of fabulously cute items and not once did I think “I should blog about this” (shocking I know!) Luckily for you, it ... I’ve Found The Mecca of Homeware Stores!    

15 May 2013 1 A Bakers Haven!
  I have a confession to make - I enjoy baking so much more than cooking. I don’t know why but the idea of baking a tasty delicious treat is so much more satisfying for me than cooking up a three-course dinner. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I discovered the most amazing bakin... A Bakers Haven!    

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