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Okay, I’ll admit it, I am a slow learner. I have often heard about the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre, but the fact that it is all “sciencey” has put me off visiting for ages. Kayla raved about it after a school trip, close friends have literally begged me to go, but it wasn’t until I recently attended a spectacularly successful birthday party on the premises that I became a convert!

Sci Bono – my new favourite kids’ venue!

  I have come to the rather troubling conclusion that there is no such thing as the perfect work-life balance, and if I have to read one more magazine article by SW (Smug Women) on how they “have it all together”, I will scream. Or have a glass of wine. It’s hard to say. Yeesh but Kayla loves this place!    

  Continuing my obsession with the South, I headed out to Multiflora to see what “those in the know” had been whispering about for so many months. Just a 25 minutes from home, I drove up to an impressive 50 000 square metre warehouse that has converted me to buying flow... You will never pay “normal” prices for flowers again!    

03 Apr 2012 1 Life in the SLOW lane
  While I am very quick to sing the praises of any venue that I know you will love, it takes a lot to make my jaw drop, and even more for me to phone Stephen and squeal, “You HAVE to come and see this place!” Life in the SLOW lane    

  Getting lost has never been more fun at one of Joburg’s best venues, Honeydew A-MAIZE-ING Mazes. This is the only venue of its kind in South Africa, and I challenge any family member not to have an absolute blast on the day. (In fact, my mother recently went with a group of... Simply A-Maize-Ing for the whole family!    

  Lindfield House has to be one of Joburg’s best-kept secrets and one of my all-time favourite finds! Who could possibly imagine that an authentic Victorian House existed right underneath our noses, not to mention the world’s best tour guide and a mouth-watering afterno... Step back in time and prepare to be blown away!    

08 Dec 2011 1 Color Café Rocks!
  Kayla and I spent a rather heavenly few hours at Color Café in Hyde Park yesterday, which has to be one of THE best venues for moms and their kids (because the moms GET to be kids for a while too)! Color Café Rocks!    

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