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I’ve always been quite conscious about making sure I eat healthily but I don’t believe in diets. They just don’t work for me – tell me I can’t have cake and it makes me want it more. The only thing I do struggle with is keeping my diet interesting, and when it comes to eating healthily I stick to a staple of a few dishes that are easy to make but seriously lacking in flair.  Which is why I was so unbelievably excited to discover a brand new healthy meal delivery service called Serv’d Fresh – they’re taking ready-made meals to a whole new level and I think it’s wonderful.

Serv’d Fresh is out of this world amazing because not only do they offer health-conscious Joburgers supremely delicious, ready-to-eat, calorie controlled meals, they also deliver it right to your door! It’s so convenient it’s ridiculous. What I love most is that they offer colourful and varied dishes with all the goodness of a home cooked meal but without the fuss. Clients sign up for a 4 week plan and can choose from a calorie controlled diet for men, calorie controlled diet for women, lunch and dinner offerings or just dinner offerings.

The calorie plans are set out according to activity levels and are a great way to kick start a new healthy lifestyle with ease. Choose from a Low Activity plan (1500 calories with no exercise), Moderate Activity plan (1700 calories with exercise 2 – 3 times per week) or High Activity plan (1900 calories with exercise 4 times per week). I also love that each calorie controlled meal plan is designed to give you a varied menu that takes the boredom out of dieting or eating healthy.

I got the chance to try out the calorie controlled plan for a week and loved it to bits. My Serv’d Fresh cooler box was dropped off on Friday afternoon and I almost died of excitement when I saw that it was chockfull of delicious meals for the week ahead. Inside I found an array of individually packaged meals – each one packaged using a Darfresh skin sealing vacuum system which preserves the colour, taste and integrity of the products that they envelope.

I got breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to enjoy for five days (Monday to Friday) and all the meals were labelled with a cardboard cover explaining which day it should be eaten on and when. One of the things I loved most about my meal plan was just how interesting the dishes were and the fact that I didn’t have to cut out treats. I mean, I had bacon twice in the week AND the plan even included after dinner treats like Milk Tart and cookies!

Breakfasts during the week included Homemade Granola, an English Muffin with bacon, pesto and sundried tomato cream cheese and Caramelized Apple Crepe,s and lunch times were filled with delights like a Chicken Caesar Wrap, Salmon Pasta with dill dressing, Thai-style vegetable salad with egg noodle, and Bacon and Cous-Cous salad. Dinner was just as lovely with yummy portions of Chilli Con Carne Baked Potato, and Beef Espetada in Red Wine with red onion marmalade and vegetables. I just couldn’t believe how delicious all the meals were and how easy it was to follow the meal plan. Each day I had a yummy snack, for example a small portion of Polenta and Peri-Peri Chicken, Eggplant Rolls and home-made trail mix to keep the hunger at bay, and portion sizes were so well balanced that I didn’t feel deprived at all.

The meal plans are priced from R1072 per month (for dinners for women, Monday to Friday) to R3444 per month (for the full low activity meal plan, Monday to Friday). If you’re keen to try it out you can also sign up for their trial packages from R875 per week (for the full low activity meal plan, Monday to Friday). To get started with Serv’d Fresh just log onto their website, register, shop for your meal plan and pay. Simple as that! Visit Serv'd Fresh on Facebook.

By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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28 August 2013 at 11:44 am
Topdeck247 i can definitely say i enjoyed their food, it looks fresh and colourful....and was quite impressed with the portion size too, and yes they do label their food and tell you about the possible allergens inside...looks very presentable.

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