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National TV sports presenter and creator of lifestyle and fitness blog -, Wardah Hartley has teamed up with registered dietitian Nathalie Mat to create South Africa’s first fitness and nutrition guide for pregnant women.

The fitness portion of the guide was designed by Wardah and has been approved by fitness professionals and includes everything a pregnant woman would need to help her stay healthy and fit throughout her pregnancy.

Inspired to create her blog after a dramatic weight loss and lifestyle change Wardah’s main aim is to educate people about health and fitness. She has worked as a group training instructor at global fitness gym SWITCH Playground. Wardah has been interviewed by several publications sharing her fitness knowledge and has appeared on TV shows like Mela and The Weekend Edition on SABC 3 and Mnandi Me on SABC 1 providing fitness related advice and tips. After falling pregnant in 2016 Wardah decided to document her experience while remaining active and staying on track with a balanced eating plan throughout her pregnancy.

In light of her passion for health and fitness, Wardah has teamed up with registered dietitian – Nathalie Mat to create South Africa’s first fitness and nutrition plan for pregnant women. “I enlisted the help of registered dietitian Nathalie Mat to assist in putting together a practical, easy to follow guide to nutrition during pregnancy. It is here that pregnant women are making mistakes and causing themselves to gain unnecessary weight”, says Wardah.

Nathalie Mat RD(SA) is a clinical dietitian in private practice who has had experience in both state and private hospitals and clinics. Nathalie translates up-to-date scientific information into practical, actionable information for her clients and the public. Nathalie has been published across a variety of media and platforms including Oprah Magazine, Business Day, e-tv and Cliff Central. “There are so many people giving out confusing nutrition advice. I have really enjoyed working with Wardah on this manual, creating a scientifically-backed eating plan that pregnant mums can trust”, says Nathalie.

“The truth is, post-pregnancy bodies are made during pregnancy, not after. You will save yourself so much work if you maintain a level of exercise and relatively good eating habits during your pregnancy, not to mention avoid many of the common negative symptoms of pregnancy like back ache, swelling and nausea”, adds Wardah. The ‘Fabufit Pregnancy Workout and Nutrition Guide’ will launch on Monday 13 March 2017 and will be available for purchase on as an ebook. The program will launch at a special purchase price of R499.

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