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Working out, chilling in the park, or going for a jog has all become so much easier since I was introduced to IFROGZ. Boil the kettle, grab a cup of rooibos and let me tell you all about my latest discovery.

It's almost March and I am still trying to work off the Christmas lunch I had... and maybe the whole of January was a cheat month, but we're pretending that never happened. It's at this that I decided to take up jogging at the Randburg Sports Grounds. And as most joggers know, it's a lot easier to get the blood pumping if you're listening to decent music - why do you think they play that awful doef doef music at the gym the whole time? But this in itself brought a frustrating problem to the fore. The stock earbud phones that came with my phone fall out as soon as I start to pick up the pace into a run. Often my elbow or fingers would hook the cord and rip the earbuds out of my ears. Nothing drives me up the road as having my Britney Spears singalong rudely interrupted. This left me frustrated to the point where I just turned around, sat in the car and watched the other joggers have the time of their lives. 

After I watched the joggers make their second lap around the track I realised something. They are all listening to music but their earphones don't have cords. what sorcery is this?! I had to know. That's the answer! I just need to hook myself up with a pair of wireless earphones. Problem solved. I did some research and the best stuff out there - that won't break the bank - is made by a company called IFROGZ. Their Charisma Bluetooth headset is where the flavour is. With women representing half of all Bluetooth device sales, the female-inspired Charisma is designed specifically by women, for women. These 6mm drivers deliver solid bass and chiming highs for unparalleled sound, so you can jam Britney's Work B*tch at top volume with 100% clarity while you work on your summer body.

The new IFROGZ line-up is designed to cut the cord and deliver a more enabling experience while alleviating bulky earbuds and control modules, two challenges that plague existing Bluetooth audio solutions. The entire IFROGZ line-up moves this technology to an innovative new wireless hub that magnetically clips to your shirt collar. Phone call and music controls remain easily within reach while you seamlessly connect to your devices, and the magnetic storage clip allows you to safely manage your cords when the earbuds are not in use.

So, do yourself a favour and hook yourself up with a pair of these little darlings - you are worth it. 

by Shenise

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