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Put your hand up if ‘just got home from work’ is also known as ‘take-your-bra-off-o’clock’. Yep, me too! My mood correlates to how comfy my bra is … true story! Finding the right fit that doesn’t look dowdy can be tricky, but don’t get your knickers in a knot just yet. Whether you’re looking for a li’l support or racy lingerie for a romantic weekend away, I’ve got you covered … literally! Meet The Bra Guru.

Taryn Palacios runs a free, bra-fitting service and stocks everything from girly frills and va-va-voom lacy lingerie, to pretty yet practical items in sizes ranging from 32A to 40G. Taryn will be the first to tell you that a good quality bra is like your best friend – hard to find, supportive, lifts you up and never leaves you hanging. She has helped loads of women of different shapes and sizes find the perfect fit through her one-on-one consultations, which are done in a private, relaxed space. 

I have spent countless frustrating hours in changing rooms trying on bra, after bra, after bra ... and have still left with the wrong fit. Urg … this irks me, especially considering how expensive bras can be. Truth be told, I was a little intimidated at the thought of having to strip down in front of a stranger, but Taryn is a true professional and I wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable at any stage. She explained that ones bra size will change depending on the brand, which makes things a little trickier - but she is there to guide you every step of the way. I tried on a number of different options and found that a high quality bra makes a huge difference – not only does the fabric feel more comfortable, but the fit is spot on. In the long run, it will also wear well (it won’t lose shape) and last longer. The right fit will also make your clothes hang better and improve your shape and posture. 

The Bra Guru stocks five product ranges that will suit most shapes. Harmony is a seamless collection and is also great for minimising ones breast size while the Pure Magic range is for those of you who struggle to find a bra beyond DD. Yep, they do exist! This range also includes ‘moulded’ bras which can add size for those of you who wear an A or B cup. The Beautiful range has loads of gorgeous embroidered lace options that even come in sets. These are all available up to G, and even H in some styles. The Firm and Fit range includes sports bras that are designed for maximum comfort and support while exercising. This range also features ‘shapewear’ for a smooth, bulge free silhouette for when you want to wear a sexy little number. Lastly, the Freedom range of non-underwire bras come in both seamless and lacy options. The Bra Guru also stock imported brands – think Rosa Faia, Anita Active, PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, Felina, and Trinny and Susannah Cette Shapewear. Booking is essential. 

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by Samantha

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