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Darlings, does the thought of eating food prepared by a mystery chef, in an unknown venue, with a bunch of strangers sound like your idea of a great night out? It might not seem ideal at first but our Chief Entertainment Officer, Ryan, did exactly that at an event called SecretEATS and he absolutely loved it! 

SecretEATS is all about creating what they call ‘underground dining experiences’. Each dinner party is different – from the celebrity chef to the secret venue and the mystery guests! The location is only revealed on the day of the event so prepare to be pleasantly surprised! 

When Ryan went to SecretEATS, the venue turned out to be an urban creative hub called SPACE – totally unexpected but very cool at the same time! 

He arrived not knowing what to expect but, to his relief, martinis were served as soon as people arrived, alongside Innis & Gunn beer, to break the ice – which you really do need when you’re walking into a room full of strangers!

By now you’re probably wondering who the chef was, right? It turned out to be none other than Sharon Glass! She cooked a five-course meal, which was paired with Vondeling Wines … and the dessert was complemented by Villiera Wines.  

For starters, Thai chicken vermicelli soup was served, followed by a palate cleanser of basil, strawberry and guava sorbet. Yum! Next up was beef fillet with a wild mushroom sauce and caramelised baby onions. The palate cleanser that followed was a lychee, mint, lime and ginger sorbet (ice cream in-between courses should become the norm everywhere!). The most important part of the meal – dessert – was salted caramel meringue served with cream, strawberries and honeycomb dust … talk about decadent! 

It was a novel and amazing experience but Ryan says the highlight of the evening wasn't the venue or the food but the people! Being forced into a situation (over good food and wine) where you’re encouraged to talk to complete strangers ensured that everyone left with new friends! 

If you’d like to try SecretEats for yourself, visit their website to find out how to register … and we may just see each other there! 

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by Nikki

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