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Darlings it’s confession time again! Today I’m going to fill you in on the part of my body that I hate the most (drum roll please) – it’s my eyebrows. Of all the parts on my body, they have disappointed me the most. I’m not really one of those girls who analyses her every flaw but throughout my life my eyebrows have continued to let me down. Firstly they’re incredibly thin, and secondly they do this fun thing where one half of one of my eyebrows will grow out completely blonde so it looks like I had a serious tweezers accident and shaved off half of my eyebrow. (Why Eyebrows? Why?) My eyebrows and I are engaged in a never-ending war but the great news is that I’ve finally found an ally to fight back and win this thing! Her name is Michelle and there’s no doubt in my mind that she is a certified eyebrow whisperer! Here’s why you MUST book a session with Michelle at Just Browzing immediately!

So now that you’ve had a bit of background on my feud with my eyebrows I can tell you all about how Michelle came in to save the day! Firstly, it’s important that you understand that if a lady could be a knight in shining armour then Michelle would be Prince Charming himself because the way she effortlessly swooped in and saved my eyebrows was just incredible. Michelle is a well regarded make-up artist in Joburg (and is often booked for shoots and events with local celebs) and after ten years in the beauty business she realised that more and more of her make-up clients were begging her to do their eyebrows in between their make-up sessions. And so, Just Browzing was born! Michelle now specialises in eyebrow shaping and can literally transform your eyebrows in one session. 

I went for a session with Michelle a few weeks ago and was blown away by how seriously she takes the game of eyebrow shaping. She has a little studio in Parkmore and from here she teaches women how to take control of their eyebrows and embrace their natural shape. Michelle explained that not everyone can have the typical celebrity eyebrow (you know the look – think Kim Kardashion’s high arches) but she can work with your natural shape to help you have show stopping eyebrows. Michelle uses a tweezing technique that is out-of-this-world amazing (seriously I wasn’t in pain once) and says she prefers using tweezers as it is kinder to the skin and allows her to be more precise.

Speaking of being precise, I also love that Michelle sees each eyebrow as an ongoing project of sorts – she explained that she coaches her clients through each one of their sessions and gets them to grow out their eyebrows in certain places,  so that a few weeks down the line she has the perfect canvas to work off of. Michelle crafted a perfect line at the top of my eyebrows and carefully crafted the bottom and sides of my eyebrows – removing some hairs to create my perfect shape and leaving others to grow and fill out my brows. She explained that some hairs would look out of place at first but that I was not to touch them as she was purposefully leaving them there until my next session.

When she was done I was amazed at how great my brows looked! But, it didn’t end there. Michelle also showed me how to fill in my brows using make-up and gave me advice on how to create the perfect brows when I was heading out on the town. I left Just Browzing absolutely smitten with Michelle and my eyebrows, and I cannot wait to go back to see what she has in store for me in our next session.

Your first session with Michelle at Just Browzing will be 45 minutes and will cost you R250 (includes tinting, shaping, defining eyebrows and discussion time – 45 minutes) and from there on an eyebrow reshape will set you back just R160!

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By Crystal Espin
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by Crystal

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Jennifer Hi Michelle do you do eyebrow shaping for guys ?

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