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If you’re anything like me, shopping is a bit of an addiction. And while my favourite items to shop for are bags and shoes, I’m happy to shop for just about anything, at any time (just ask my poor husband who has spent hours following me around shops). When I came across gorgeous, affordable handmade jewellery from Styled By Anthea, I couldn’t even explain my excitement.

It's hard to find stylish jewellery to match your outfit. I’m not talking about diamonds and pearls ladies – I’m talking about pretty, modern pieces which make you look fab for any occasion.

Styled By Anthea offers beautiful Greek-inspired handmade jewellery which, according to the woman behind it, “adds the final touch to your outfit.” And beautiful they certainly are… I went online to order one bracelet, and found myself ordering three different pieces of jewellery in two minutes flat.

Anthea Pappadogiannis is the creative mind behind the brand, which started in May this year. Friendly and efficient, she responded to my message immediately, sent me a variety of pics with prices and promised to have my order sent to me in two days – after payment, of course. And boy was she spot on; they arrived on time, and were even more gorgeous than I expected. I couldn’t wait to put them all on… okay, maybe not at the same time, but you know what I mean.

“I never expected my business to have taken off the way it has,” she told me when I asked her what inspired her to start. After people started complimenting her on her jewellery, she decided to take the leap and start her own business. With the scary employment rate in SA, and finding it challenging to find a job, even with a degree, Anthea followed her passion and turned a dream into reality.

With reasonable prices, attention to detail and an eye for fashion, it didn’t take much for her to get her product out there. All creations are handmade with love, and guys she hasn’t forgotten about you – she has slowly started introducing men’s jewellery, so watch this space. 

I’ll definitely be shopping from her again… and Darlings, with the festive season only five months away, it’s the perfect place to get your gifts.

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by Angela

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11 January 2017 at 02:34 pm
Yolandie Some amazing bracelets, have not taken mine off for MONTHS now. Still as perfect as when I got it. (as a gift)
21 July 2016 at 01:55 pm
Tina Do they have a website? Prices options?

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